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Is Your Organization’s Culture Remarkable or Toxic?

My wife Tammy and I eat out a lot. You can learn many things about an organization’s culture by eating at one of their restaurants. You can learn whether the organization is remarkable or toxic.
For example, when I eat out, I notice the condition of the facility – is it in good repair and clean, especially the restrooms. I pay attention to the attitude, friendliness and service provided by those that seat us and serve us. Do they take pride in providing an outstanding customer experience for us, or do they act like they really don’t want to be there, and are just going through the motions? If we ask for something, do we get a response of “No problem”, or “No worries”, or do we hear “My pleasure”?
Remarkable organizational cultures are principle driven and are known for going above and beyond in the delivery of their products and services.  On the other hand, toxic cultures are known for poor service and poor performance. Continue reading

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Bet on Talent: How to Create a Remarkable Culture That Wins the Hearts of Customers by Dee Ann Turner. Baker Books. 213 pages. 2019

I have often said that there is no organizational culture that I respect more than that of Chick Fil-A. Over her thirty years at Chick Fil-A, Dee Ann Turner had a lot to do with their remarkable culture. In this helpful book, Turner shares both principles and stories. She shares the principles she learned, practiced, and taught about creating and growing a remarkable culture and selecting and developing extraordinary talent in her role as vice president of human resources and later vice president of Talent at Chick-fil-A. She shares stories about how people working in remarkable cultures can build brand loyalty by providing remarkable customer experiences, and gives you practical steps to follow to grow a remarkable culture in your organization. Continue reading