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Know Your Why: Finding and Fulfilling Your Calling in Life by Ken Costa

Know Your Why: Finding and Fulfilling Your Calling in Life by Ken Costa. Thomas Nelson. 240 pages. 2016

The author has more than 40 years of experience in the workplace. He writes that we will spend up to about 40% of our lives at work, so he wants to help us find work or callings that have purpose and meaning. He writes that God has called and loved us; our challenge is to fulfill our Christian callings in the here and now.
Before we can consider our callings, we have to consider our identity and ask “Who am I?” He writes that identity comes before destiny, and that destiny is never a substitute for identity. Who we are in Christ comes before why.
The author writes that work is service for the common good. We are called to the workplace to transform it.  We should look at our work as a calling. The challenge is to see our callings in the context of the wider world.
The author challenges us with the question “What will I do with what I have?” In other words, how will we use our gifts and talents? We also need to encourage others in their callings.
In considering your calling, the author writes about waiting on the Lord’s timing, which can be difficult. We need to choose well and take wise counsel.
He discusses the fear of failure, which is something I’ve long struggled with, alongside restrictions and distractions in regards to our callings. We need to show perseverance. He also states that if we are not taking risks, we are not living a life of faith.  He writes that when we are secure in our identities through the Holy Spirit, we can take risks in our callings. He encourages us to use the abilities that God has given us the best we can as we join the Lord in transforming the world through our callings for the Kingdom of God.
Throughout the book the author uses a lot of helpful illustrations from scripture and workplace to reinforce the points he makes.