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25 Quotes on Leadership from The Catalyst Leader by Brad Lomenick

The Catalyst LeaderI recently read Brad Lomenick’s book The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essential for Becoming a Change Maker. He included a number of excellent leadership quotes. Below are 25 of them:

  • We must never compare our beginning to someone else’s ending. Instead, we need to seek God’s plan for us as He reveals our callings to us. It’s important we focus on what God has called each of us to do, and not compare our callings to others.
  • Ambition must be grounded in wisdom. Inspiration must be pursued with integrity. Dreams must be built with boundaries. And passions need the steady hand of principles to guide them.
  • Every Christian has two callings in life: a spiritual one to salvation and also a vocational calling. The first informs the way you’ll live out your second calling.
  • When you are living out your calling, your work will be better, and you will naturally want to work harder.
  • Leaders who make the biggest impact also have the strongest sense of calling.
  • Calling is not necessarily about a title, position, or even a certain career, but more about a vision and purpose for your life that spans all the seasons of your vocation.
  • If we don’t learn to be content with who God has made us and called us to be, then we will never reach our potential as influencers.
  • Leaders who are willing to share honestly about their own struggles immediately gain influence.
  • No matter where you work, your job can be an act of worship and service to God.
  • Those who desire to influence and impact others will never reach their full potential unless they develop a contagious love for the One who has called them.
  • If we believe we are called by God to the work we do, then we bear the responsibility of doing this work with an unrivaled standard of excellence.
  • Set standards that scare you, and work to achieve them.
  • Once we discover our calling, we have a responsibility to pursue that calling with authenticity, passion, vigor, and distinction.
  • Without courage, your calling is crippled.
  • What would you pursue today if you weren’t afraid to fail? If you knew for certain that you were the one to make it happen? Go do that.
  • The road to success is many times put together through multiple failures. Allow for and even encourage your team to fail as they attempt to succeed.
  • Leading with character is the standard for every decision we make and the foundation for how we interact with one another and with our community of leaders.
  • Your character will determine your level of leadership and even your legacy.
  • Remember that your character and integrity is built over time in the insignificant moments when you think no one is watching.
  • Humble leaders are willing to pass on the credit but absorb the criticism, push others higher while making themselves lower, and put the desires of the team ahead of their own.
  • Being a steadfast leader means doing what you say you are going to do.
  • When people see you living a life of integrity and accountability, they’ll trust you.
  • Leaders who others want to follow have a vision that is inspiring and powerful.
  • A catalyst leader wants to work together with all kinds of leaders and organizations, without worrying who gets the credit.
  • Every leader—regardless of age—should have at least one mentor and should be mentoring at least one other person.