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Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success by John Wooden



Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success: Building Blocks for a Better Life by John Wooden and Jay Carty. Regal Books. 168 pages. 2005. Audiobook read by Sean Runnette.
John Wooden was 94 years old when he wrote this book in 2005. Wooden, who has since died, was one of the greatest coaches in any sport, having won 10 NCAA National Championships at UCLA. I first heard about his “Pryamid of Success” in the chapter entitled “Portrait of a Level 5 Leader” about Wooden in John Maxwell’s book The Five Levels of Leadership.

The Pyramid looks like:


In this book, Coach Wooden reviews the building blocks of the pyramid. He also includes ten chapters on mortar qualities such as ambition, sincerity and honesty. Jay Carty, former Oregon State University basketball player, assistant coach for Wooden at UCLA and now in Christian ministry, then gives a biblical application of the building block. Several scripture verses are then offered along with some personal application questions.

The book covers the philosophies he used to achieve victory on and off the basketball court, and which he imparted to his students and players. It didn’t go too deeply with Wooden’s thoughts on each building block. I would have liked more of that.

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