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Questions that deserve an answer—-and give glory to God

I hope you don’t tire of the fact or consider me a “one note song”, because my blogs are centered around Pregnancy Centers, sex and abortion! Just a few simple topics, right?

Sometimes believers actually say in all sincerity, they don’t know any non-believers. Thus the necessity to share the gospel doesn’t exist. How can that be when we live in a very lost, hurting world? Their WORLD is too small, too comfortable and too safe. And I would have to add in my opinion, REALLY, REALLY BORING! Where is the challenge, the unexpected, the ability to see and hear how others do life? Ouch! Is that the problem? Were you lost and hurting before Christ found you? Me too! Be brave!

At our recent fall banquet, Pay it Forward — our theme–I was struck with a verse from John that said, “now go and do as I have done for you”. The truth is, we were given the free gift of salvation, eternity in heaven and unconditional love BY GOD’S GRACE and MERCY. We didn’t do anything to earn it. So…….PAY IT FORWARD! Not out of obligation, but following Christ’s example. You will not only discover a very unsaved, hurting and searching world, but you will realize how blessed your life truly is. The words “there but by the grace of God go I” will take on a whole new meaning.

I have had the privilege of working with a young couple recently who are expecting their first child in January. They have wanted no prayer, no discussion of God during our meetings. I asked them the last time we met what they had against God. Their answers were varied, but the bottom line was—–there is no proof. If God did exist, why would all this bad stuff happen? Ever had those thoughts before? Me too. Do I have all the answers? No, but I know the ONE who does. My only job is to point them to Him. He is more than able to take it from there.

How did I address their statements? I simply answered I would be curious to hear what they thought after their baby’s delivery. That isn’t it interesting the male and female bodies fit together, the male has exactly half of what it takes to create life, the female the other and 9 months later, the baby is delivered through a well designed path. Interesting. Nothing deep or theologically challenging to that. Just truth. Do you know of a local Pregnancy Center who could use new volunteers or financial support? Your Prayer support? I sure do. Check it out! Be brave.

Until next time………
Teri Williams, Guest Blogger
Director of The Spoon River Pregnancy Resource Center

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FREE Hip-Hop Mixtape

Lecrae, who is truly a light to the often dark rap and hip-hop music world, released Church Clothes 2 on November 7. It is available as a free mixtape hosted by Don Cannon here:
It is also available without the Don Cannon additions for $9.99 at iTunes.
00 - Lecrae_Church_Clothes_2-front-large

Enjoy your weekend, ‘listenin’ to some Jesus music’.

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Looking for something good to read on a cold autumn night?

This and That
• Three-time Grammy Award winner (and one of my favorite artists) Ashley Cleveland, returns to the Jesus House in downtown Bloomington, Monday November 11 for a 7:00 pm concert to help celebrate 13 years of faithfulness to the Jesus House.
• Willie, Phil and Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty have already released their books. There is a Duck Commander Devotional written by Alan Robertson and Jase Robertson will release his book on May 6. Now the women of Duck Command have announced that they will release The Women of Duck Commander: Surprising Insights from the Women Behind the Beards About What Makes This Family Work on April 1.
• Yet another “Duck Dynasty” book will be coming out next year. Jase Robertson will release “Faith in a Duck Blind” on May 6. Here’s more about the upcoming book:
• Central Illinois native and Tampa Bay Rays All-Star Ben Zobrist will release his first book Double Play on April 1. The book will be written with his wife Julianna and Mike Yorkey, and will talk about the importance of his faith, life, and athletic career.
• U2 will release “Ordinary Love”, a new song written for the upcoming movie Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, in a 10-inch vinyl pressing to mark Record Store Day on November 29th. The band wrote the new song at the invitation of movie producer Harvey Weinstein and the b-side of the Record Store Day release will feature a second track, “Breathe” (Mandela Version).For more information, go to
Be sure to look at the Biblical Imagination tab on the blog to get information on the Michael Card Conference and Concert. Tickets are already on sale!

There’s also a review of the movie ‘Ender’s Game’ as well as new Book Reviews:
• The Great Enemy by Tim Keller
• Gospel Transformation Bible
• Judges for You by Tim Keller
• The Promises of God by R.C. Sproul

Go to the online version of Coram Deo, The Magazine: You’ll find more ‘This and That’, Upcoming Events, Conferences, Concerts and Music Releases, articles from Pastor Bob Smart, Art Moser and Dave Loomis, and always some good humor and cartoons. You can also find ~
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and a Music Review of ‘New’ by Paul McCartney (Deluxe Edition).

Happy Reading!