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Monday Morning Atheist: Why We Switch God Off at Work and How You Fix It by Doug Spada and Dave Scott

monday-morning-atheistMonday Morning Atheist: Why We Switch God Off at Work and How You Fix It by Doug Spada and Dave Scott.

The authors of this helpful book state that they wrote it to help people experience God as we work. They encourage the reader to complete a free Work Personality Profile before starting the book. This profile shows the spiritual traits unique to our work challenges. The profile takes just five minutes to complete and you receive the results immediately via email. In addition, you can send the profile opportunity to a few friends for them to complete for free.
The book is set up so that you can read it quickly yourself, or what I believe would be even more helpful – reading and discussing it with a group of peers at work or church over a five-week period. There are helpful resources (Switch Check, etc.), that help you go deeper with the information just covered that will help focus you for the following work week.
The authors state that many of us have left God out of our work, and in doing so, we’ve shut out His light as well. Based on ten years of research and field experience, they help us to understand why this is the case.  They tell us that we have conditioned ourselves to work without God, like everything is depending on us. In effective, we are Monday Morning Atheists. They tells us that when we stop working as Monday Morning Atheists, we can rediscover purpose in our work.
The authors cover three false assumptions commonly found in our thinking about work, and state that the keys to a renewed life at work are found in tackling these lies: “Only some of life is spiritual.” “I’m alone and it’s all up to me.” “My work is just a waste.”
The authors tell us that many of us see our jobs purely as an earthly enterprise, and we rarely see any spiritual component at all. Seeing work as inherently non-spiritual is a major false assumption causing Monday Morning Atheism to grow in our work lives. It also denies the biblical truth that everything was created by God for His glory. They write that until we realize that God is with us when we are working, we will not be freed from Monday Morning Atheism and will always struggle to have meaning and life in our work.
While many feel that work is a necessary evil, or a result of the fall, work was actually part of God’s plan before sin entered the world. We were made for work. Our work has value because God values it. The authors tells us that no work done for God is ever a waste.
The authors provide a list of action ideas to get you started to fight Monday Morning Atheism in the daily activities of your work. They also offer helpful tools and resources to help you put principles into practice and explore God’s desires for your work life in greater detail.
I highly recommend this helpful book. Read it, discuss it with others and use the resources they provide to help you integrate your faith and work.