Coram Deo ~

Looking at contemporary culture from a Christian worldview


The Call: Finding and Fulfilling God’s Purpose For Your Life by Os Guinness is the best book on calling for the Christian that I have read. The first time I read it was in Dr. Douglass’s wonderful “Spiritual and Ministry Formation” class at Covenant Seminary in 2013. In 2018, on the 20th anniversary of the book, Guinness published a revised and updated edition.

We’ll start by looking at a few quotes from the “Introduction” of the book:

  • We’ll address two broad and crippling distortions from the start—the shrinking and the hollowing out of calling.
  • To explore the truth of God’s call is to appreciate what is nothing less than God’s grand global project for the restoration and renewal of humanity and the earth—and our part in it.
  • What follows in this book is a series of short reflections on the many-sided wonder of God’s call.
  • I hope that what is here you will read slowly, always aware that you are in the presence of the One who calls us all, and always thinking things through in terms of your own life and your own calling in the world.
  • Two words that have changed the world, the two words that are changing the world today, and the two words that can change each of us and our lives beyond our wildest dreams. Listen to the commanding invitation of Jesus that is both a call and a charge: “Follow me.”

Next time we’ll look at Chapter 1.