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Discipled Leader BOOK CLUB

We are reading through Discipled Leader: Inspiration from a Fortune 500 Executive for Transforming Your Workplace by Pursuing Christ by Preston Poore. 

Discipled Leader provides struggling, stuck, or merely surviving Christian business leaders with a framework to grow their influence through becoming a redemptive (i.e., change for the better), Christlike presence in the workplace and living a more fulfilling life.

Chapter 1: Seek

  • I discovered that the surest way to realize my leadership potential was to become a follower of Jesus—not just on Sunday or at home but twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • By disciple I mean someone who passionately pursues an intimate fellowship with Jesus, seeking his presence, will, wisdom, and guidance in every facet of life—family, work, school, and community.
  • Becoming who you are meant to be as a Christian leader does not begin with focusing on leadership. Your calling toward better leadership is a calling toward deeper discipleship. That’s how you become a discipled leader.
  • Discipled leaders seek God when making decisions.
  • The key to not just good, but great decision-making, is to seek God. A discipled leader soaks in God’s Word and asks for wisdom (James 1:5).
  • In all our decisions, especially in the workplace, we should be putting our faith into action.
  • To make wise decisions as both leaders and disciples of Christ, we need to root ourselves in God’s character, values, and promises as revealed in Scripture.
  • As a disciple, invest time with God. As a leader, seek God when making decisions.

Chapter 2: Love

  • How you serve others can define who you are as a disciple of Christ.
  • Jesus’s example demonstrates that sacrifice is the heart of leadership. Jesus modeled the way for you to be a sacrificial leader.
  • Leaders lead by serving, and service requires sacrifice.
  • Through loving and serving others, understanding the costs of sacrifice, and continuing to do good, you will emulate Jesus’s example and become a sacrificial leader. But if you sacrifice without love, your leadership is worthless.