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New and Upcoming Albums I’m Excited About

I love music in a number of different genres, including contemporary Christian music, Christian hip-hop/rap, worship and classic rock. Here are 8 new and upcoming albums that I’m excited about.


A Great Adventure – Steven Curtis Chapman  
The latest project from Steven Curtis Chapman, arriving less than two months after his Deeper Roots: Where the Bluegrass Grows album, comes in both a DVD and audio recording format, filmed and recorded at the Gaither Studios in Alexandria, Indiana. The album chronicles Chapman’s life in song through live solo acoustic performances of some of his most popular songs, but no between song comments. Chapman has toured extensively performing solo concerts the past few years, and is very comfortable performing his songs backed only with his acoustic guitar. Listening to these songs, originally released between 1987 and 2018, reminds the listener of the blessing his music has been for more than thirty years now. Continue reading

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I: The Arrow (EP) – Andy Mineo

This is the first chapter in a series of EP’s that Mineo plans to release. He has stated that he has been going through a period of doubt of himself and of his faith, as he has experienced a season of anxiety and depression.  This is a transparent and honest release from Mineo as he works through anxiety and confusion.  It is unlike any of his releases to date. It’s the follow-up to 2017’s Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed Present Magic & Bird with Wordsplayed and is his first solo album since his excellent 2015 release Uncomfortable.
Give these songs several listens.  They require and deserve that. I look forward to the next EP.
Below are a few brief comments about each of the six songs:

I’ve Been…. – This song was written by Wit, Joel McNeill, John McNeill, BEAM and Mineo. It was produced by Weathrman and BEAM. Additional vocals are provided by Willow Stephens. The opener is a slower song and introduces the theme of the record. He’s been lost for some time.
Key lyric: I hope I get the benefit of the doubt
I need a minute just to figure this out

Clarity – This song was written and produced by Daniel Steele, Chad Gardner, GAWVI and Mineo. Additional vocals are provided by Gardner. The song opens with Mineo speaking over keyboards by Daniel Steele. He raps hard in verse two.  The song includes spoken word interludes from a female. He wants clarity because all of his heroes are frauds, just like he is. Watch the video for “Clarity” here.
Key lyric: The opposite of faith ain’t doubt
Family Photo – This heart-breaking song about Mineo’s father Joe was written by Wit, Joel McNeill, John McNeill and Mineo. It was produced by Weathrman and Mineo. He tells about how his father didn’t show up for his wedding. The song starts slow and builds in intensity as his rage about his father builds. The song ends with him reciting Reinhold Niebuhr’s “Serenity Prayer”. Key lyric: ‘Cause when you bury emotions, you bury them alive
They only come back stronger, somewhere later in your life

Anxiety – This song was written by Wit, Joel McNeill, John McNeill and Mineo. The song was produced by, and features, Weathrman. The song was recorded in November, 2016 after Mineo had his first anxiety attack. The song describes what he felt as he was going through the anxiety attack. The song has a slower beat and ends with an outro spoken piece that may have been recorded in concert that leads into “I Ain’t Done”.
I Ain’t Done – This song was written and produced by Mineo and recorded on the bus while on tour in 2017. This bold song pounds from the very beginning, as he made up the lyrics on the spot. Key lyric: Man, my problems big, but I know God way bigger.
…Lost – The final track of the EP continues where “I’ve Been…” left off. It is written by David Ham, Joel McNeill, John McNeill, Wit, BEAM and Mineo. It was produced by Weathrman, BEAM and Mineo, and features Willow Stephens on vocals. The song starts slow and builds to a gospel vibe with a nice tip of the cap to his song “Never Land”. It ends with a spoken word piece explaining where he got the cover art for the EP and then some brief keys. It has a more hopeful spirit than the other songs. Key lyric: When I get above those clouds, yeah, I know that the sun’s out, I’ma be alright

Live on Soundstage: Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald has had quite a career, spanning 45 years, from Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers to a successful solo career, which has included a number of Christmas albums and a few albums of Motown covers.  This live project (DVD/CD) was filmed and recorded at Soundstage’s Grainger Studios in Chicago on May 25, 2017. It includes some of the five-time Grammy Award winner’s biggest hits, as well as three songs from his excellent 2017 comeback album Wide Open, his first album of new material in seventeen years.
Continue reading

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Music Review:
Abide with Me – Sara Groves


Sara Groves follows her acclaimed 2015 album Floodplain with her thirteenth studio album. She has stated that her previous album found her on the floodplain reflecting on the kind provision that comes when she finds herself in a place where she cannot rescue herself. Abide with Me is a collection of hymns and songs that were with her on the floodplain. The album was recorded in a 105-year old church (the construction of which is shown on the album cover photo), that the Groves purchased in 2011 and converted into Art House North, a creative community for the common good, in the West End of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Groves has stated that it was appropriate that the album was recorded in a space built for congregational singing. The album was recorded with her long-time bandmates, Aaron Fabbrini (bass, pedal steel) and Zach Miller (drums), produced by John Mark Nelson and mixed by Ben Gowell. The album includes songs carefully selected from Groves’ personal list of hymns. Each song has provided a source of healing and comfort to her throughout the years. Groves’ husband first came up with the idea of a hymns album about fifteen years ago and has been compiling possible songs for inclusion since then.

The album is recorded simply and sparsely and may underwhelm on initial listen. However, I encourage you to give these hymns additional listens and the project will grow on you with each listen. I would also recommend you have the lyrics to these hymns in front of you as you listen to this beautiful recording.

Below are a few comments about each of the eleven songs: Continue reading

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Roll with the Punches – Van Morrison

Anytime you have the great Van Morrison covering strong material with excellent musicians you know you’re in for a treat. Morrison follows up 2016’s strong release Keep Me Singing with his 37th studio album, which he self-produced. The album contains ten covers of old blues and soul classics along with five songs written by Morrison.  Van’s voice is still an incredible instrument, and he brings passion to these blues songs, whether cover or original. Morrison has stated that from a very early age he connected with the blues. A strong group of collaborators join him on the album including Chris Farlowe, Georgie Fame, Jeff Beck (who contributes to seven of the songs), Paul Jones and Jason Rebello.

I thoroughly enjoyed this album. Below are a few comments about each song:

Roll with the Punches – This song was written by Morrison and Don Black. While an original, this sounds like a classic blues song.  It features some excellent piano, guitar, keyboard. It’s an excellent opener.
Transformation – This ballad was written by Morrison. It features organ, an excellent guitar solo by Jeff Beck and backing vocals by Chris Farlowe. Key lyric: Get used to righteousness ’cause it makes you feel whole, gonna be a transformation right down in your soul
I Can Tell – This song was written by Bo Diddley and Samuel Bernard Smith in 1962. It has an instantly infectious beat, featuring keys, backing vocals, guitar solo and harmonica solo from Morrison.
Stormy Monday/Lonely Avenue – These songs were written by T-Bone Walker (in 1947), and Doc Pomus, the latter of which was a hit for Ray Charles in 1956. The songs previously had appeared on Morrison’s 1994 live album A Night in San Francisco. The song features vocals from Chris Farlowe, a guitar and harmonica solo from Morrison along with backing vocals.
Goin’ To Chicago – This song was written by Count Basie and Jimmy Rushing in 1941. It’s a slow blues number featuring a duet with Georgie Fame, harmonica by Morrison, and Chris Hill on double bass.
Fame – This song was written by Morrison. It had originally been included on Morrison’s 2002 What’s Wrong with this Picture? album. This version features backing vocals, a great blues beat, guitar and harmonica from Morrison. Key lyric: Oh no don’t believe all that old Andy Warhol guff. It takes a lot more than 10 or 15 minutes.  
Too Much Trouble – This song was written by Morrison.  The band really shines on this breezy blues song featuring guitar, horns, piano and Morrison on sax. He wants the trouble in his life stopped.
Bring It on Home to Me – This song was written by Sam Cooke in 1962. It appeared earlier on Morrison’s live album “…It’s Too Late to Stop Now…” Volume 1.  The new version features a strong vocal from Morrison, organ, piano, backing vocals and a great guitar solo by Jeff Beck.
Ordinary People – This song was written by Morrison and originally appeared on his 1998 album Philosopher’s Stone. It features some excellent guitar by Jeff Beck, piano, keys, and backing vocals. Key lyric: Ordinary people, they just don’t seem to comprehend.   
How Far From God – This song was written by Sister Rosetta Tharpe in 1946. The toe-tapping arrangement is led by some excellent piano, along with organ, guitar and a passionate vocal from Morrison. A highlight.
Teardrops From My Eyes – This song was written by Rudy Toombs in 1950. This breezy arrangement features piano, guitar, keys, backing vocals, and a great sax solo from Morrison.
Automobile Blues – This song was written by Lightnin’ Hopkins in 1949. Morrison’s sax playing is the highlight of this song, which also features piano and guitar.
Benediction –  This song was written by Mose Allison in 1971. It was originally included on Morrison’s 1996 collaborative album Tell Me Something: The Songs of Mose Allison. It features piano, backing vocals, organ and sax from Morrison. Key lyric: Wherever you wander, whatever your breed, there’s just one thing baby, that comes from above. When push comes to shove, thank God for self-love.   
Mean Old World – This song was written by Little Walter in 1951. It’s a slow blues number featuring, some excellent piano, a guitar solo, and harmonica solo by Morrison.
Ride On Josephine – This song was written by Bo Diddley in 1960. This upbeat track features Morrison on harmonica, along with good backing vocals and guitar. It would be a great song for Morrison and band to tackle in concert. A highlight. Continue reading

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Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed Present Magic & Bird

Andy Mineo returns with his first new album (mixtape) since 2015’s excellent Uncomfortable. The album debuted at #2 on iTunes Albums chart and #1 on their Hip-Hop/Rap chart. On this release, he teams up with good friend Wordsplayed (as Magic and Bird), the son of Nigerian immigrants who came to the United States in the early 1980’s and met Mineo in 2008. This playful and basketball themed release is a perfect summer listen, and builds on their 2015 single “Lay Up”, which is included here as a bonus track. Along with BEAM, the release includes production from GAWVI and !llmind, who also produced Uncomfortable.

Below are a few brief comments on each song: 
Hi-Five –  A short introductory track, mostly speaking.
KIDZ –  The song was produced by Tyshane and Daniel Jordan. It was written by Tyshane, Jordan, Wordsplayed and Mineo.  This was the first release from the new album. The bridge contains a brief piece reminiscent of the Doxology.
Key lyric:
I’m in the pocket like Brady,
Magic and Bird like the 80’s
Kobe, I might put up eighty
Look only Jesus can save me

Dunk Contest –  This song was produced by Young Sidechain and Beam, and was written by Wordsplayed and Mineo. It was the second single to be released from the album. The two trade lines about basketball, cities, single moms, etc.
Key lyric:
Yeah, so shout out all the single mothers
2 jobs, 3 kids, I call that a triple double Continue reading

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music news

  • The Gettys Spearhead Call For a Global Hymn Sing. Ed Stetzer writes that Keith and Kristyn Getty are joining with OMF International to promote a “Global Hymn Sing” February 21, to reintroduce the nearly 100-year old hymn “Facing a Task Unfinished”. Our church will be participating. Watch the Gettys speak about the song here.
  • Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. Did you see Billy Joel perform his classic song “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” recently on The Tonight Show?

Matt Redman Quote

Favorite QuotesA great work is to grow yourself. The greatest work is to help grow others. Andy Mineo

Don’t chase accomplishments, people or positions to find your worth. You’re loved as you are by the Father. Chris Tomlin

faceHow come I keep acting surprised when Steph Curry plays like Steph Curry? I watch every game like this……  Trip Lee

Song of the Week

Now I Know by Andy Mineo

This is the latest single and my favorite song from Andy Mineo’s excellent album Uncomfortable. Watch the creative video here.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

Yeah, uh, look
The older I get, the more I realize
Almost everything that I believed
In my life was a lie
It started as a child, first was Santa Claus
Then I believed that a brawl would never come between my dawgs (wrong)
My sister Mary filled me in when I was 7
Told me Hulk Hogan only existed on television (what?)
The Stone Cold Stunner and the Leg Drop?
All scripted, N.W.O and X-Pac? Dang
I used to walk up to them automatic doors
My momma told me that my finger was the power source
So I pointed with my pointer, then pow
It was open, then come to find out she was joking
Had to let it soak in, my mind as a boy
Didn’t wanna believe that McGwire or Barry were on the ‘roids
But uh, when I was young, I thought the world was alright
It’s funny, I even thought that Jesus was white, but yoAndy Mineo

All that glitters ain’t made of gold
It’s the thing you’ve heard a million times before
It took a lot of time, now I realise
Now I know better
It’s better late than never
Now I know

Over the years you get more accustomed to pain
Used to believe my dad when he said he’d come to my games
Even believed my mother was a saint and could do no wrong
And then she sat me down and told me how I was born (shoot)
Mind-blown, but now it all makes sense
Why she didn’t spazz on me when she caught me having sex, uh
I was perplexed but now I get it
I used to think America was finished with racism
How could I miss it?
I’m mad so many people don’t get it
Holding this list of black names but now I’m blacklisted?
Got older, it’s like it got no different
I found out these independent artists isn’t independent
Cause major labels fund them quietly to keep perception
That’s deception in the game
Used to believe I wanted fame
Plus my name written in them lights
Now I know it’s so much greater cause it’s written in the hand of Christ
And I used to say the radio would play what the people wanted
Now I know they playing what’s payin’
Feeling jaded, but somehow I still believe in God
I even thought a college education got me a job, man

All that glitters ain’t made of gold
It’s the things you heard a million times before
It took a lot of time, now I realise
Now I know better
It’s better late than never
Now I know better
Yes I know better
Now I know better
Yes I know better
Now I know better
Yes I know better
Now I know better
Yes I know better
Now I know
Too many times before

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Uncomfortable - Andy MineoMusic Review: Uncomfortable by Andy Mineo

27 year-old Andy Mineo follows up his 2014 Never Land EP with a very strong effort, one of my favorite albums of the year. It is an effort that has a variety of music styles with mature, transparent, serious, and at times, painfully honest lyrics. The album debuted at #4 on iTunes overall chart and #2 on the Hip-Hop/Rap chart. Mineo includes some special guests on the album, but surprisingly no Reach Records label mates (such as Lecrae, Trip Lee or KB). Ramon “Illmind” Ibanga serve as executive producer of the effort. Below are a few thoughts and key lyrics for each song:

Uncomfortable – Right off the bat, Andy sings that if you want live a comfortable life you should be sure not to love anyone, be selfish and never sacrifice. Key lyrics are:

My own people owned people, but they don’t own that
They say racism dead, man our president is black
Two terms in the White House, that don’t mean jack
If we still believe our present ain’t affected by our past

I apologize for Christians with pickets sayin’, “God hates fags”
I promise Jesus wouldn’t act like that

Uptown – I first listened to this Latin- flavored song while on vacation last week in New York City. It is a song about Mineo’s Washington Heights neighborhood located in uptown New York City. Key lyrics are:

Ain’t no other city make me feel this way
I been all around the world baby, but I’m here to stay

Now I Know – This song has a great beat, but it’s also about some serious things. Andy sings that the older he gets the more he realizes that almost everything he believed was a lie. This is the first of the less than positive references to his father. Although he feels jaded, he sings that he somehow still believes in God. Key lyrics are:

All that glitters ain’t made of gold
It’s the thing you’ve heard a million times before
It took a little time, now I realize
Now I know better, it’s better late than never
Now I know

Desperados – with guest Mali Music who handles the hook. Key lyrics are:

I’m sick and tired of songs that don’t dignify a lady

I gotta speak on my peace
Man, I can’t keep it a secret
The only way that you get acceptance is when you know you don’t need it, yeah

Hear My Heart – In this song Andy apologies to his sister Grace, who was born deaf, for never learning sign language. Key lyrics are:

My big sister Grace, I’m sorry I never learned to sign
And even though you were born deaf
I pray you forgive me for the years I lived blind

David’s Roof – This is a brief interlude sung in Spanish with soft horns. Translated it reads:

Prepare me for the war
Because comfort is the fall of kings
Is the fall of kings

The lyrics refer to King David on his roof looking at Bathsheba.

Rat Race – This song features Jon Bellion, known for his production on Eminem’s “The Monster”. Key lyrics are:

Tell ’em we don’t wanna play, yeah, yeah
We’re so okay with last place
We already won the game, yeah, yeah
No, we won’t run your rat race

And I ain’t tryna be another one of fame’s victims
Make a name for myself but never make a difference

Know That’s Right – Andy sings of knowing where he is going (Heaven). He also brings some of his humor here. Key lyrics are:

My Savior is Jewish, my lawyer is Jewish
My stomach is Buddhist
I’m trying to lose it, but I need to chill on Fig Newtons, I swear

There’s nothin’ left to say
I know where I’m goin’
We’re startin’ here today
And you know, you know that’s right

Vendetta – This song includes another reference to his father (and mother). It’s hard-hitting and features some of the best lyrics on the album. Andy includes part of the hook from 2 Pac’s song “Hail Mary”. Key lyrics are:

You wanna know the real problem in America?
Always has been and it always will be, me

Cause Pac did a lot more for me than Barack

I wanna snatch my generation out this apathy

Ghost – This song is about a close friendship that dissolved. You can feel Andy’s sadness as he tells us about it. Key lyrics include:

A thug changes and love changes
And them best friends become strangers (from “The Message” by Nas)

Love – Andy sings about what he’s learned about love, with references to his recent marriage. Key lyrics include:

Watch a man real close, what he choose to do with his money
That’ll tell you the truth about what he really (love)

Strange Motions – On this song, Andy states that that he taps into a psychedelic rock vibe trying some new stuff with Willow Stephens. Key lyrics include:

When these strange motions
They tell me don’t get lost in heaven

Make Me a Believer – This song features the incredible vocals of Third Day lead singer Mac Powell and addresses King David’s repentance after being confronted of his sin by the prophet Nathan. Key lyrics include:

Make me a believer
Cause all I’ve ever seen is pain
Make me a believer
Promise me I’m not the same
Make me a believer

I’ve listened to this album several times since its release. Each time I hear something new. Give this album multiple listens, it deserves it and you will hear something new and exciting with each succeeding listen as you experience Mineo’s growth as an artist.

Song of the Week
Pressing On by Bob Dylan

Perhaps the best thing about the disappointing film Captive was the version of Bob Dylan’s song “Pressing On” by Judith Hill. Listen to Dylan’s live version of the song from 1980.
Well I’m pressing on
Yes, I’m pressing on
Well I’m pressing on
To the higher calling of my Lord

Many try to stop me, shake me up in my mind
Say, “Prove to me that He is Lord, show me a sign”
What kind of sign they need when it all come from within
When what’s lost has been found, what’s to come has already been?

Well I’m pressing on
Yes, I’m pressing on
Well I’m pressing on
To the higher calling of my Lord

Shake the dust off of your feet, don’t look back
Nothing now can hold you down, nothing that you lack
Temptation’s not an easy thing, Adam given the devil reign
Because he sinned I got no choice, it run in my vein

Well I’m pressing on
Yes, I’m pressing on
Well I’m pressing on
To the higher calling of my Lord