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My Review of RUN THE RACE

Run the Race, rated PG

Run the Race is a sports-themed faith-based film, for which Tim Tebow and his brother Robby served as executive producers. The brothers appear briefly in the film. The film is directed by Chris Dowling (Priceless), who wrote the film with Jake McEntire and Jason Baumgardner (Samson).
Dave Truett, played by Evan Hofer and his brother Zach, played by Tanner Stine (Indivisible), are high school seniors in Bessemer, Florida. Their mother died from cancer two years ago.  After that, their father Mike played by Kristoffer Polaha (Get Shorty, Castle) abandoned the boys and turned to alcohol to deal with his pain. The boys are very close and deeply care for each other. They live alone in a rundown home in their depressed town, but are cared for by their godmother Nanny, played by Frances Fischer (Unforgiven, Titanic).
Dave is recovering from a bad football injury, though still experiencing occasional seizures, and is a strong Christian. We see him going to church on a few occasions, where Mario Van Peebles (Heartbreak Ridge), portrays Pastor Baker.
Zach is a popular and good-looking All-State running back on the football team.  He is hoping for a college scholarship to the University of Florida (where Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy and was a two-time national champion), and take Dave with him to get out of Bessemer. Former Tennessee Titans star Eddie George plays a small role as a recruiter from the University of Florida. Continue reading

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Indivisible, rated PG-13

Indivisible is based on the true story of U.S. Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his family. The film is directed and co-written by David G. Evans (The Grace Card).  Cheryl McKay (The Ultimate Gift) and Peter White wrote the screenplay with Evans.
Justin Bruening (Grey’s Anatomy) stars as Darren Turner. He had recently completed seminary and basic training as an Army chaplain and just arrived at Georgia’s Fort Stewart with wife Heather, played by Sara Drew (Grey’s Anatomy) and their three young children, when he found out that he was being deployed to Iraq for the Operation Iraqi Freedom’s 2007 troop surge.  Although in a state of shock at how quickly things were happening, Darren and Heather both agree that they had been called to this ministry. That didn’t make things any easier, however.
In Iraq for fifteen months, Darren is eager to provide spiritual support for the hurting troops he is assigned to, though he admits he doesn’t know exactly how to do that. He carries and hands out “Armor of God” coins. He receives encouragement from his commanding officer Jacobsen, played by Eric Close (Nashville) and the helpful Sergeant Peterson, played by Skye P. Marshall (Grey’s Anatomy). But he is challenged by his neighbor Michael Lewis, a veteran of multiple tours, played by Jason George (Grey’s Anatomy) and rifleman Lance Bradley, played by Tanner Stine (The Thundermans), who ask difficult questions about God. Eventually, he grows closer to both men. But the horrors of war and a painful loss put Darren’s faith to the test.
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