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My Review of 21 BRIDGES

21 Bridges, rated R

21 Bridges is an intense thriller about a police chase of two murderers of multiple police officers through the streets of Manhattan overnight. The film is well-made and exciting, but does include a significant amount of adult language and violence. The film is directed by Brian Kirk (Game of Thrones, Luther), and written by Adam Mervis and Michael Carnahan. The film had a budget of approximately $33 million.

The film begins with a young boy, Andre Davis, at the funeral of his policeman father who was killed in the line of duty. That young boy, played by Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther, 24, Marshall), would grow up to be a police detective in New York City, because it was “in his DNA”.  The film then moves forward nineteen years to the present day.

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Movie Review ~ Burnt

BurntBurnt, rated R

Four-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper stars as Chef Adam Jones in this film directed by John Wells (August: Osage County). The film is written by Steven Knight from a story by Michael Kalesniko. The film carries two primary and intersecting themes – Jones’ resurrection as an acclaimed chef as he tries to get his prestigious 3 star Michelin Guide rating, and at the same time turning his life around. We hear that he was an up and coming chef, but made a mess of his career and life, losing his restaurant in Paris with an excess of drinking, drugs and sex. He has burned former colleagues and now owes a significant amount of money to his former drug suppliers.

After getting sober and doing penance for his sins by shucking a million oysters in New Orleans (each recorded in a small notebook), he arrives in London ready to start again. He visits old friend Tony (Daniel Bruhl), and asks to be his restaurant’s chef. He then begins to build his team, including Michel (Omar Sy), whom Jones did significant damage to in Paris; David, a young chef (Sam Keeley); Helene a chef and single mom (Sienna Miller); and Max (Riccardo Scamarcio), who he picks up as he is released from prison. Jones also runs into restaurant critic Simone, a lesbian who once slept with Jones, portrayed in a small role by Oscar nominee Uma Thurman, and arch rival chef Reece (Matthew Rhys).

Jones is a perfectionist in the kitchen. His desperately wants to achieve the 3 star rating from Michelin. He has a massive ego, is arrogant and a narcissist. He screams obscenities and angrily throws dishes and food in the kitchen.

Because of Adam’s past, Tony insists that he get a weekly drug test from Dr. Rosshilde, well portrayed by the always excellent two-time Oscar winner Emma Thompson.  Alicia Vikander in a small role as former love interest Anne Marie will show him sacrificial love.

This film contains a number of themes. Among them are teamwork, redemption, sacrificial love, family and of course, great food!  Those who love to cook will love this film. Many of the scenes take place in the kitchen, featuring excellent photography. Chef Mario Batali served as a consultant on the film.

The film is rated “R” for a significant amount of adult language, including the abuse of God’s and Jesus’s names.