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FAITH AND WORK: Connecting Sunday to Monday

Faith and Work News ~ Links to Interesting Articles


  • Limits.  In this “Minute with Maxwell”, John Maxwell states that some people put limits on themselves, negatively impacting their ability to reach their potential.
  • 6 Things To Give Up If You Want To Be Effective. Kevin Lloyd shares 6 “conditions” he has noticed in people that limits their ability to make an impact.
  • In this “Minute from Maxwell”, John Maxwell states that the fruit of the tree is out on the limb. We need to quit hugging the tree trunk.
  • Essentials for a Flourishing Life. Stephen Graves gives four reasons why a long view of life is essential for a flourishing life.
  • 3 Ways to Unleash the Power of Determination. In this “Tuesday Tip”, Dr. Alan Zimmerman writes “Failures use their circumstance to give up, while successes use their circumstances as a reason to get going.  And determination is the resolve to meet every obstacle with the assurance that it can and will be overcome.”


  • The Difference Between Your Job and Your Work. Dan Cumberland writes that “Your job is what you do to pay the bills while your work is about making an impact.”
  • 5 Things That Will Kill Your Impact. Stephen Graves writes “Impact is not just a power score or some random popularity contest. Nor is impact simply your online influence (i.e., Facebook likes). Impact is much deeper and long-lasting. It’s the change you bring about in the lives of others. It’s about changing the way people think, act, believe, live, purchase, and more.”

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