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What If You Had Never Been Born?

I love to go the movies.  My wife Tammy and I see a lot of movies, usually one a week. My all-time favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life, starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. I watch the film each Christmas season, you know, to see if Clarence will get his wings.
In the film, George Bailey, played by James Stewart, is a man who has given up his dreams of traveling the world in order to help others, and has recently fallen on hard times. Because his Uncle Billy has misplaced the bank deposits and inadvertently given them to the evil Mr. Potter, George is in serious trouble, and could end up going to prison. He realizes that he is worth more dead than alive (due to having life insurance) and tries to commit suicide. But his guardian angel Clarence, who had been sent down to save George, and thereby earn his angel wings, jumps into the river and saves George. Depressed and hopeless, George tells Clarence that he wishes he had never been born. But Clarence tells him that he must not ever talk like that, and then takes George on a journey showing him what life in Bedford Falls would have been like had he never been born. He is able to see just how much he has impacted the lives of the people in his small town, and just how different their lives would have been if he had never been born.
You may be depressed and hopeless, just as George was. Or, you may think that your life hasn’t made much of an impact. Perhaps you are thinking that the world would be better off without you. If that sounds like you, consider just what impact you’ve had on others in these three areas of your life.  Continue reading