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FAITH AND WORK: Connecting Sunday to Monday

Faith and Work News ~ Links to Interesting Articles

  • It’s Not About You. Dee Ann Turner writes “Developing the ability to put others first, leading by serving and focusing on adding value rather than extracting it are important skills in managing your own ego. An out-of-control ego often leads to a derailed career. If you want to crush your career, managing your ego is an important skill to develop”.
  • Being Teachable. On this episode of Minute with Maxwell, John Maxwell states that traits of one who is teachable or coachable is that they want to learn and have the right attitude.
  • How Do I Explain a Church Switch to Colleagues? Charlie Self responds to the question “How do I explain to non-Christian colleagues about having left my former church? Sadly, during the pandemic my church pastor and elders announced major changes—to adopt a liberal, egalitarian, and LGBQT-embracing agenda. After much discussion and prayer, I’ve resigned as a member. I often invited unbelieving work friends to church events. As restrictions ease and our office is due to reopen, I don’t know how to explain my switch if the matter arises. Can you suggest any principles or approaches?”

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