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  • Coronavirus and Christ. Here are some resources on the Coronavirus from John Piper and Desiring God.
  • 4 Principles to Remember When Talking to Your Children about Coronavirus. Brad Hambrick offers these helpful thoughts on how to talk to your children about the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The Coronavirus is a Result of the Fall. Kevin DeYoung writes “The coronavirus is a natural evil, under God’s providential control to be sure, but whose existence is the result of original sin. The root of all human pain and suffering in the world is the rebellion of our first parents—a rebellion that Christ conquered on the cross and will one day wipe away, along with all its sad and sinister effects.”
  • God Doesn’t Want Us to Sacrifice the Old. Russell Moore writes “This pandemic will change us, change our economy, our culture, our priorities, our personal lives. That we cannot avoid. But let’s remember: One day we will tell our grandchildren how we lived, how we loved, during the Great Pandemic. Let’s respect human life in such a way that we will not be ashamed to tell them the truth.”
  • Peace in a Pandemic. Listen to this sermon from David Platt from Proverbs 12:25 and Matthew 6:25-34.

Things to Do While Forced to Stay at Home

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  • Suffering, Healing, and the Hope of Eternity. Enjoy this video of a conversation with Nancy Guthrie and Joni Eareckson Tada about Heaven, suffering and healing.
  • Do Not Silence Your Mess: Meeting God in Everyday Chaos. Paul Tripp writes “The Christian life is messy and complicated. In some way, every day, you will face disappointment, grief, pain, confusion, and struggle. The question is, “Where do you go and what do you do?”
  • Fighting Fear and Anxiety. Keith Mathison writes “A neglect of prayer almost always results in a corresponding rise in our fear and anxiety. This is no coincidence. Prayer is an act of faith in God, and faith in God leads to the peace of God.”
  • Rejoicing in God in the Arena of Pain. God hasn’t promised that His children won’t go into the valley of the shadow of death. He promised that we will never go alone. In this brief video clip from his series Dealing with Difficult Problems, R.C. Sproul considers suffering in the life of a Christian.
  • Peace in Times of Suffering and Uncertainty. In this livestream, a part of Gospel in Life’s Questioning Christianity series, Tim Keller discusses how we can find peace in times of suffering and uncertainty.

Doug Michael’s Cartoon of the Week

  • If Jesus didn’t complain when he received a life infinitely worse than he deserved, how can I complain while I experience a life infinity better than I deserve? Tim Keller
  • God’s grace cuts both ways: it can neither be earned by your merit nor forfeited by your demerit. Jerry Bridges
  • We all live in a world starving for true friends, genuine community, and meaningful relationships, but that takes love, patience, repentance, and forgiveness and it only happens if you are willing to risk your temporary discomfort for long-term joy. Burk Parsons
  • We may not be spared from the trial, but we will be spared through the trial. This is what our redemption means: we are his. Derek Thomas
  • The closer we are to God, the more the slightest sin will cause us deep sorrow. R.C. Sproul
  • We are called to die with Christ that we may live with him, and to suffer with him that we may reign with him. William Tyndale
  • Any time you hear someone began a sentence with, “Well I know that the Bible says… but I like to think of God as…” Whatever the end of that sentence is, is heresy. Ligon Duncan
  • Humility doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself, it means thinking of yourself less. C.S. Lewis
  • Only through worship are we restored to vigor from the exhaustion and burnout of seeking our own glory. Tim Keller

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