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THIS & THAT: A Weekly Roundup of Favorite Articles, Cartoons & Quotes

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  • Apostacy and How It Happens. Sinclair Ferguson writes “Yes, apostasy happens. Sometimes the catalyst is flagrant sin. The pain of conviction and repentance is refused, and the only alternative to it is wholesale rejection of Christ. But sometimes the catalyst is a thorn growing quietly in the heart, an indifference to the way of the Cross, a drifting that is not reversed by the knowledge of biblical warnings”.
  • What is Union with Christ? In this episode of the “Ask Pastor John” podcast, John Piper responds to the question What does it mean to be united to Christ, and what are a few of the most significant implications of it?”

  • Identifying and Forsaking Our Spiritual Mistresses. Scott Sauls writes “Idolatry is the root beneath all sin and beneath every choice we ever make to go our own way instead of following Jesus in faith and obedience. Sin, ultimately, is not a matter of behavior, but a matter of desire. We always obey that which we desire the most.”
  • My Girlfriend is Pregnant – Now What? On this episode of the “Ask Pastor John” podcast, John Piper responds to the question “But I am scared. Assuming this is true, what do we do? How have you counseled couples who are broken and fearful in our situation?”

  • If You Hate Jews, You Hate Jesus. Russell Moore writes “As Christians, we should have a clear message of rejection of every kind of bigotry and hatred, but we should especially note what anti-Semitism means for people who are followers of Jesus Christ. We should say clearly to anyone who would claim the name “Christian” the following truth: If you hate Jews, you hate Jesus.”
  • If We Love Jesus, We Will Love the Jews. John Piper shares 12 biblical reasons not to be anti-Semitic.
  • Ask Anything Live. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Seminary answers questions covering a wide a range of topics from theology, parenting, ethics, ministry, and more.
  • Your Emotions Matter to God: Learning from the Bible’s Songbook. Watch this message John Piper delivered recently at the Sing! 2018


  • Scott Sauls on Vulnerability in Ministry. Watch this three-minute video in which Scott Sauls, senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church and author, shares how vulnerability about his weaknesses has helped his ministry.
  • City to City North America Videos. Watch the main talks from the City to City North American Conference in Chicago. Speakers included Tim Keller, Trillia Newbell, and others.
  • Albert Mohler on His Legacy. In this two-minute video, Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, discusses what he hopes his legacy to be: faithful, gospel-centered churches.
  • On 25 Years of Albert Mohler at Southern Seminary In this episode of Signposts, Russell Moore reflects on Dr. Mohler’s influence, life, and leadership, which the Lord has used in so many ways–not least of which is the successful equipping of generations of pastors, scholars, missionaries, and ministry leaders to contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints as they confront the greatest challenges of our times.
  • Why Churches Should Pursue Diverse Leadership. In this roundtable video, Gospel Coalition Council members Darryl Williamson, Kevin DeYoung, and Danny Akin discuss why and how churches should actively pursue ethnic diversity in their elder board or leadership teams.
  • A Tale of Two Numbers. Kevin DeYoung writes “There two numbers in the life of the church are too often miles apart. Although there are legitimate reasons why one number would be generally greater than the other. There is almost no good reason why there should be a vast gulf between the two figures. The two numbers I have in mind are the church’s membership and the church’s worship attendance.”

  • When the message of the gospel is clear, moral people tend to dislike it, while irreligious people are intrigued and attracted. Tim Keller
  • People in the American Church are drawn towards the most amount of comfort with the least amount of cost. David Platt
  • We don’t just give our hearts to Christ, we give our entire being—body and soul—all by God’s sovereign grace. Burk Parsons
  • Love does not think about doing works, it finds joy in people; and when something good is done for others, that does not appear to love as works but simply as gifts which flow naturally from love. Martin Luther
  • Holiness is nothing but the implanting, writing and living out the gospel in our souls. John Owen
  • Without Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith, we’d be without hope and headed for hell. Burk Parsons.
  • The person who slanders others to you will slander you to others. Eric Geiger
  • God’s plans for your life far exceed the circumstances of your day. Louie Giglio
  • If left to ourselves, in our spiritual deadness, we would never incline ourselves to the things of God. R.C. Sproul

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