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FAITH AND WORK: Connecting Sunday to Monday

Faith and Work News ~ Links to Interesting Articles

  • What If I’m Not Working as Much as I Should Be? Miranda Carls responds to the question “I technically work from home, but I’m not putting in nearly as many hours as I should be. I sometimes keep my computer on while I’m not working. How can I be honest about when I am and am not working? And how can I do better going forward?”
  • What Does It Mean to Represent Jesus in My Job? If we are representing Jesus in our work, it means there is value to our work because we are showing the world his character and care. Watch this short video from Bryan Chapell.
  • I Work in Healthcare. Can I Call Patients ‘Pregnant People’? Shane Morris responds to the question “At my job, I deal with maternal and child health, and one of the trends is calling pregnant women “pregnant people.” Thus far, I’ve tried to use the “pregnant women” terminology as much as I’m able and avoided using “pregnant people.” However, there’s increasing pressure to change the terminology. If I do, is this a violation of what I stand for as a Christian? I’ve been trying to search for some biblical passages to help guide my thinking on this matter.”

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