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My Review of Dispatches from the Front

Dispatches from the Front. Episode 10: The Fourth Man

In this tenth episode of Frontline Missions’ and Tim Keesee’s excellent Dispatches from the Front series, Keesee travels to the Middle East. He talks about the deep darkness in the territory, but also that the Gospel is powerfully at work here. He speaks of the contrast of darkness and light, death and life.
He begins in Arabia, in the city of Dubai on Good Friday, where he meets with Dave Furman and his wife Gloria. They came from Texas to the epicenter of Islam. Dave serves as the pastor of Redeemer Church, which he planted in 2010. We get to see a Good Friday worship service being held in a hotel ballroom that includes people from many nations.
In 2006 Dave developed a nerve disorder in both of his arms that renders both of them nearly disabled. Dave and Gloria, a successful author, have four children. We see Dave’s Bible Study taking place at a Denny’s restaurant. After a year each of the men will go on to mentor other men. The Furmans live and serve in weakness and humility and God gets all the glory.
We then meet Steve, who for eight years has been planting churches and mentoring men in Fujairah. We see a worship service being held on the beach of the Indian Ocean, between the sea and a mosque.
Tim then travels to Mosul in Northern Iraq with Andy. The area is 99% Muslim. They meet Jeremy, a young pastor, his wife Kiley, and their four month old daughter Haven, and we see some of the refugee camps in the area.
With Ravi, they visit the tomb of Old Testament prophet Nahum and ancient monasteries in present-day Nineveh. They visit the ancient Mar Mattai monastery, not far from Mosul. We see some extraordinary views of the plains of what was ancient Nineveh. Keesee states that the battle for Mosul is looming.
We meet Jerry, a brother from Britain, who is devoted to the public reading of Scripture.
We are told that one of four in Northern Iraq are refugees. Many take shelter in unfinished buildings, as the war halted many construction projects. Young girls and women are sold as sex slaves for as little as $4.
The group visits a refugee camp. We meet two women who were able to escape from ISIS captivity. Keesee calls this a dark place, like blood stains and widow’s dresses.
Throughout his travels, we see Keesee with these brothers and sisters who courageously preach and teach the Word in difficult areas. He states that Christ, the Fourth Man (the one in the flames with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego), still walks with His people in the fire (Daniel 3:25). So don’t lose heart, the Fourth Man has already gone before us through the fire and crushed death.

Included are the following special features:

  • All the Stars music video, featuring Caroline Cobb
  • Incurably Optimistic, a 30-minute interview with Gloria Furman
  • Small Group Discussion Guide

I highly recommend this new episode, and all ten episodes, in the Dispatches from the Front series.