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Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, rated R
** ½

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse is a military thriller about a Navy Seal out to avenge the murder of his pregnant wife in the origin story of action hero John Clark. Although entertaining, the film is extremely violent, and at times confusing and unrealistic.
The film is directed by Stefano Sollima, and the screenplay is written by Oscar nominee Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water), and Will Staples, loosely based on a 1993 novel by Tom Clancy.
The film begins with a team of Navy Seals, led by Lt. Commander Karen Greer, played by Jodie Turner-Smith (Queen and Slim), being sent to rescue a CIA operative being held captive in Aleppo, Syria. However, when they get there, the Seals find that it is actually Russian troops holding the man hostage. The extraction proves difficult, but they manage to accomplish it, though not without some Russian soldiers being killed. One of the Seals, John Kelly, played by Emmy nominee Michael B. Jordan (Fahrenheit 451, Fruitvale Station, Creed films, Black Panther), is angry with the hostage’s CIA handler, Robert Ritter, played by Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), who lied to them about the mission. From that point on in the film, you don’t know if Ritter can be trusted, or why he is doing certain things.
Three months later, Kelly is ready to retire from the military and take a security job so that he can spend more time at home. Continue reading

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My Review of WIND RIVER

Wind River, rated R
** ½

Wind River is a well written, directed and acted murder mystery, but due to the subject matter and content issues, it is not necessarily one you will want to see.
This film, based on actual events involving the Wind River Indian Reservation, was written and directed by Oscar nominated screenwriter Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water). The movie was filmed on location in Park City, Utah over 40 days in blizzard conditions. The Wind River Indian Reservation, located in Wyoming, is the seventh-largest Indian reservation in the United States, and larger geographically than the state of Rhode Island.
Cory Lambert, played by two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner (The Town, Hurt Locker), is an agent with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He is known for his expertise as a hunter and tracker. On one of his hunting expeditions, Lambert comes across the frozen corpse of a young woman. Lambert knows who the girl is, Natalie (Kelsey Asbille). Natalie was the best friend of Cory’s own daughter, Emily, who was murdered three years earlier. That tragedy ended his marriage to Wilma (Julia Jones), with whom he shares a son, Casey (Teo Briones). Some reports show that up to 80 percent of marriages end in divorce when there is the death of a child.
Cory contacts Ben, the Tribal Police Chief, played by Oscar nominee Graham Greene (Dances with Wolves). Since a murder is involved, the FBI is called in. New FBI Agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olson, Captain America: Civil War,
Avengers: Age of Ultron
), is called in from Las Vegas. She is not equipped for the blizzard conditions, which are well depicted by cinematographer Ben Richardson, and asks Cory to partner with her on the case.
Gil Birmingham (Hell or High Water) portrays Martin, Natalie’s grief-stricken father. The film includes some powerful scenes between Cory and Martin, two fathers who have tragically lost teenage daughters who were themselves best friends. Cory wants justice for Martin and his wife, and in a way, for himself as well. He and Jane relentlessly pursue leads in an attempt to solve the murder.
The film contains a significant amount of adult language, include the abuse of God’s and Jesus’ names. In addition, the film includes a lot of violence, including a brutal rape scene. Read this article about why Christians should avoid watching rape scenes.  The film is difficult to watch as it depicts the overwhelming hopelessness at Wind River – poverty, crime, alcohol and drug abuse and a significant amount of violence.
Again, based on a true story, Wind River is a well-made film with a strong cast. However, the subject matter and content issues may make this film one you will want to stay away from.    We went to go see it because it was getting outstanding reviews from both critics and viewers alike – not sure why it received such glowing reviews.  The movie was paced to move very slowly and the characters didn’t draw you in.