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3 Thoughts on Pursuing a Degree While Working Full-Time

Folks have asked me “How were you able to complete your seminary degree while working full-time?” After all, I was pursuing my seminary education and working about 55-plus hours a week in my vocation as a manager in a large IT department in a Fortune 50 company, while also having other responsibilities, such as mentoring others and being a leader in my church and in a professional IT organization. Add to that, since it took me 20 calendar years to complete my degree (that’s a story for another time), I was into my mid-50’s as I was coming down the home stretch. Sometimes as I think back on it, I’m not even sure myself how I made it through. I always found the courses very challenging, and I was constantly tired.
So, here are three thoughts I have for you if you are considering pursuing a degree or professional education while working full-time:  Continue reading