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The Importance of a Focus on Customers

My wife Tammy and I eat out most of the time, as has been our practice throughout our marriage. As a result, we have a lot of opportunities to observe different levels of customer service.
I remember a time several years ago when we were having dinner at a major pizza chain that offered a buffet. The buffet was supposed to begin at 5:00 pm. But it was well after 5:00 pm and the restaurant staff was in no big hurry to get the buffet set up. We finally had to ask them about it, thinking we had gotten the night wrong. I realized later that the mostly high school age staff only saw this as a part-time job. They were going to just put in their time until 9:00 pm and then go home. There was no motivation to provide excellent service, or even acceptable service. They were going to be paid the same.
Have you run into situations like that? Often times the lack of attention in the area of customer service carries over into other areas of a restaurant, such as how well the facility is maintained, including the restrooms, or the appearance of the staff.  In such situations, asking the server for a drink refill almost makes you feel like you are bothering them, as they give you a dismissive “No problem”, or “No worries”. As you think back on such situations, you realize that your experience as a customer was probably less than desirable as there was little, or no, focus on you as the customer. Continue reading