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FAITH AND WORK: Connecting Sunday to Monday

Faith and Work News ~ Links to Interesting Articles

  • Should I Look for a Better Job? Greg Phelan responds to the question “How do you know when to take another job? I’ve been at my current workplace for two years. Everything is fine here, but I think I could push myself harder and learn more at another employer. Is it time to move on?
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? Chip Roper writes “There’s always angst about career choice floating in the ether. Over half of us workers would change jobs if we could and 50% of Millennials think they chose the wrong career. So how do you know if it is time to go? Short answer: 1) Understand your moment and 2) Respond accordingly.”
  • Submitting to God’s Will – Even When Your Career Falls Apart. Stevan Becker writes “When difficulty, misunderstanding, resistance, and animosities come my way, it helps me to be reminded not to seek my own justice.”
  • Seeing Others with Divine Wonder. John Pletcher writes “How do you see people with whom you work—your clients, coworkers, and employees, especially those who are suffering or just different in light of their disabilities and special needs?”

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