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Life is Short. Live it!

My wife Tammy celebrated one of those “milestone” birthdays last year. In her life, Tammy has survived a lot, including a few life-threatening illnesses. But I could tell that this particular birthday, if not bothering her, certainly was reminding her of the passage of time. She pointed out that a niece, who was also celebrating a birthday on that same day, was forty years younger than her. Most likely, neither Tammy nor I will not be here when she is the age that Tammy is today. That is a sobering thought.
Or consider another example. Tammy and I spend some time with our niece and her three triplets each week. The boys are just over 17 months old. It crossed my mind that I might very well not live to see them graduate college or get married. Again, a very sobering thought.
That got me to thinking about time, something I do quite often these days. Although we live each day, and time can appear to go slowly, we are often jarred as we think about how much of life we’ve actually lived already. It’s almost like we blink, and we realize that our primary working career is already over. Many loved ones and friends are gone already, and others are older and experiencing significant physical problems and pain.
On the other hand, lately I’ve noticed many obituaries in our local paper of people much younger than I am. How many more years will I have? How many will you have? We aren’t guaranteed the next second. How can we make the most of the time that we are given? Continue reading