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My Testimony: How God Drew Me to Himself

I mentioned briefly in my eulogy for my Dad, which I delivered at his funeral on September 5, how God had surprisingly changed my life. I was recently inspired to share my full testimony after reading my friend Russ Gehrlein’s testimony.
I was raised in a Roman Catholic home. My Mom saw that we were faithful to go to church every Sunday, take religious education, and follow the sacraments. I’m a rule follower by nature. By following the rules of the church, I thought I was OK. I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. I was convinced that I was “good enough”, at least in comparison with others.
But you see, there was no change in my heart. I had a temper problem, at times a bad temper problem. I also saw no problem in going to Mass on Saturday, so that I could go out and party that night and not have to get up and go to church on Sunday morning. Also, when my future wife Tammy bought me my first Bible (a Good News Bible), I set it right next to a Playboy magazine on my nightstand, and didn’t see any problem with that. Seriously.
My parents were very involved in a Catholic program called Cursillo, and had tried to get me to attend the weekend event for several years. I really had no interest in attending at all. Years later, my Dad would tell me that I had agreed to attend several times – seven I believe – backing out each time. Finally, in the early 80’s, a few years into my marriage with Tammy, I agreed, surprising my parents, and yes, even myself! Continue reading