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God Values the Work of the Stay at Home Mom

Russell Gehrlein writes in his book Immanuel Labor that motherhood is indeed a high calling. He looks at Proverbs 31 to show that the mother works for the benefit of others, including her husband, her children and the needy. She is entrepreneurial, conducting business outside the home. She is hard working, putting in long hours and making good use of her time. In the midst of her work she exudes joy. She is a role model, not just for women, but for all workers.
When we talk about work, we usually talk about paid work for some organization. But what about stay at home moms? I’ve been helped in this area by the writings of Courtney Reissig. In her article “When Motherhood Feels Like Death”, she writes that one of the great challenges of motherhood is the lack of a job description. Moms don’t keep normal business hours because their children don’t. Moms don’t have workplace boundaries because they live at work. The tasks are always there, waiting to be done. The children are always there, needing attention, love and training.
In her excellent book Glory in the Ordinary: Why Your Work in the Home Matters to God Reissig writes that moms are tired. They are weary of the pressure to live up to expectations and ideals that no human being could ever attain. On one hand, they hear that their work at home is the pinnacle of greatness, but on the other hand they hear that they are letting down women everywhere by staying home instead of taking advantage of the strides women have made in the workplace. She states that instead of looking at their work as stay at home moms through God’s eyes, many look at it through their own—and wonder if they measure up. Continue reading