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Confessio: Irish American Roots – Keith & Kristyn Getty

The latest album by Keith & Kristyn Getty is a diary of hymns and songs that underscore the Gettys’ Irish American journey. In 2020, the Gettys spent ten months in Ireland, tracing their journey back to Northern Ireland and the Scots-Irish-American roots of their hymn writing. The album features guest artists such as Sandra McCracken, Alison Krauss, Dana Masters and Kirk Whalum, and a mix of new original songs, new arrangements of well-known hymns, and a remixed version of their most popular modern hymn “In Christ Alone”. It is beautifully produced by Ben Shive. The Gettys ended up recording enough songs for two albums, so they plan to follow up this album with another album Christ Our Hope In Life And Death, in the summer of 2022.

Below are a few comments about each song on Confessio: Irish American Roots:

Confessio – This song, inspired by the prayer of St. Patrick, was written by Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Fionán de Barra and Matt Papa. The song features the incredible Getty band, including acoustic guitar, violin, bass, drums, and backing vocals.

Key lyrics:
We go homeward
Christ, be with us as we go
We go homeward
Christ, be with us on the road

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