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How is Your Christian Walk?

My wife Tammy and I have just returned to our home, which is being remodeled, after being away for three weeks. We’ve never been away from our home for nearly that amount of time. During that time, we spent time in five cities in three different states. We both enjoy comfort and control, and this period (as well as the half-finished remodeled home we returned to), has definitely moved us out of our comfort zone.
One of the things I enjoy is taking long walks. For example, I walk about seven miles with my friend Neil each Wednesday morning on our local trail. In each of the locations we visited recently, I had a chance to enjoy long walks. Those walks took me past a beautiful lake, down an isolated unpaved country road, through a friendly neighborhood where everyone waved as you walked or drove by, and the entertainment district of a large city. Thinking about my walks, and the diverse places where my legs have taken me over such a short period of time, led me to think about my own Christian walk. Continue reading

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Discerning Whether Someone is a True Believer

In our church, if someone wishes to pursue membership, they meet with two elders. The purpose of the meeting is to discern, as much as humanly possible, whether the individual is a Christian. I really enjoy these meetings in which we get to hear how the Lord has worked in someone’s life. It’s one of my favorite responsibilities of being an elder.
In a recent meeting, the person we were meeting with asked us a very interesting question. He asked what we thought about when public figures professed to be Christian, but their public behavior didn’t seem to align with that of a Christian? We each provided our answer, but I’ve continued to give the question some thought. Although we can never truly know someone’s heart, only God does (Acts 15:8), here are three thoughts to help us in discerning whether someone is a believer. Continue reading

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Are People Surprised When They Find Out You Are a Christian?

Recently, I read David Goetsch’s book Christians on the Job: Winning at Work without Compromising Your Faith. This is a good book that I would recommend to Christians on how to integrate their faith with their work.
One comment in the book stood out as I read it. The author writes: “Have you ever worked with someone and been surprised to learn he or she is a believer? How did this make you feel about the individual in question?” Immediately my mind went back to a time early in my career. Continue reading