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My Review of The Creator in You by Jordan Raynor and Jonathan David

The Creator in You by Jordan Raynor and Jonathan David. WaterBrook. 37 pages. 2022

The Creator in You is the first children’s book written by Jordan Raynor (Called to Create, Master of One and Redeeming Your Time). The book is beautifully illustrated by Jonathan David. In his books, Raynor helps Christians to more deeply connect their faith with their work.
The book tells children that in the very beginning, God created the world so that we would all know that He Himself is a working God. On the sixth day, God chose to create people. God made us to look like Him, to act and work and create with Him.
Raynor tells us that he wrote the book because he was tired of reading books to his own children that treated “the sixth day” as the end of creation. Instead, day six was just the beginning. He tells us that on the sixth day, God passed the baton of creation to us, inviting us to fill the earth with good things that would reveal His character and serve people well.
The book is intended for children ages 3-7. I can’t wait to read this book about imaging God as a worker to our triplet nephews, who just turned 3 years old.