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How to Stay Pure in Our Sex-Crazed Culture

I grew up during the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. At that time, the X-rated movies were shown in theatres and you had to be a certain age to see them. Pornographic magazines were kept behind the counter in stores. Today, things have changed a great deal. Pornography is now easily accessible on the internet, and for most people, that means on their smartphones. Add to that the fact that sexual content is now a part of many television programs and even a lot of films that are rated PG-13. You no longer have to go to a public theater or ask the clerk for the magazine behind the counter. Pornography can be accessed free, wherever you are. And though we normally think this is just a guy problem, there is disturbing information about how many women are turning to pornography.
So, how is a discerning Christian to remain pure in our sex-crazed culture? Here are three quick thoughts: Continue reading


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Leaders Who Fall: And What Can We Do to Prevent Falling Ourselves

Recently, another high-profile pastor has fallen, causing much harm to the church, the body and bride of Christ. Over the past few years we have heard about a number of pastors falling, and I’m sure that there have been many more that we have not heard about. Some of these falls have been a result of sexual infidelity, such as Tullian Tchividjian, a pastor in the denomination I belong to. But others have tended to be pastors who founded their churches, such as Mark Driscoll, Bill Hybels and more recently James MacDonald. Their falls are a result of what I would call an ego problem. These pastors started their churches which later grew in size and influence. Each man then became what is referred to as a “celebrity pastor”, writing best-selling books and speaking at conferences. It’s not hard to see how someone in that situation could end up with an ego problem. But let’s face it, this problem is not limited to pastors, but can afflict a leader in any sphere. Continue reading