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A Prayer for the Election: To Be Kind to One Another

Heavenly Father,

We thank you that our country has free and safe elections. Although we often take that for granted, we know that this is so different from those who live in Russia, China and other countries around the world.
On November 8, we will again have the opportunity to vote for the candidates who best align with our beliefs and values, although we know that many folks will have already cast their ballots by that time.
The issues of the economy, crime, immigration, parents’ rights and abortion are among those most important to voters. I have friends and family members who believe very differently about these issues than I do. As I walk our dog throughout our neighborhood, I see neighbors in political “yard sign battles” with each other. We may also have members of our church that believe differently on these issues than we do. Some find it difficult to maintain friendship or fellowship with those who have different pollical beliefs than they do. In some cases, families may have been split, friendships ended and fellowship broken.
In these divisive times, please help us to demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit. Paul writes: Continue reading