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11 New and Upcoming Books ~ Tolle Lege!…“take up and read”

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I enjoy books in a variety of genres, including theology, leadership, biography, Christian living, faith and work, and professional development. You can read my reviews of more than 450 books on Goodreads here.
There are several new and upcoming books that will soon be available that you might be interested in. Here are 11 of them:

Worthy: Living in Light of the Gospel by Sinclair Ferguson
From the Amazon description:
“In this short, accessible guide, theologian Sinclair Ferguson explains the importance of living worthy of the gospel, why the principle is often forgotten, and how it’s cultivated. Clarifying the difference between biblical obedience and legalism, Ferguson exhorts believers to pursue Christlikeness, offering practical examples from Scripture. The second book of the Growing Gospel Integrity series, Worthy helps Christians, students, pastors, and those preparing for ministry to live as citizens of heaven rather than citizens of the world.

  • Written by Theologian Sinclair Ferguson:  Explains how humility, God’s providence, and even suffering cultivate righteousness
  • Practical Study:  Encourages Christians to intentionally pursue holiness and find satisfaction in the presence and love of Christ
  • Great for Pastors, Students, and Laypeople:  Defines the grammar and language of the Bible and explores the difference between obedience and legalism
  • Part of the “Growing Gospel Integrity” Series

Do Not Be True to Yourself: Countercultural Advice for the Rest of Your Life by Kevin DeYoung
From the Amazon description:
In this collection of inspiring sermons and graduation speeches, Kevin DeYoung delivers a motivational, biblical call to young people: serve God faithfully―and if necessary, counter-culturally―in the next season of your life. Do Not Be True to Yourself includes practical advice for cultivating a Christ-centered worldview in every area of adult life, including relationships, work, church participation, and spiritual growth, making it a transformational resource for mentoring students.

  • Written by Kevin DeYoung:  Pastor and bestselling author shares relevant wisdom from past commencement speeches and sermons
  • Concise, Engaging Chapters of Counter-Cultural Advice:  Christ-centered guidance that includes developing spiritual habits, prioritizing church attendance, fighting sexual sin, and temptation, and making godly decisions. Perfect for graduation gifts, birthdays, or small group discussion
  • Includes Reading Guide:  DeYoung suggests 12 classic Christian books every person should read, from writers including John Calvin, G. K. Chesterton, and R. C. Sproul”

Agents of Grace: How to Bridge Divides and Love as Jesus Loved by Daniel Darling
From the Amazon description:
When Daniel Darling was fired as spokesperson for the National Religious Broadcasters Association, it wasn’t his exit that made national news–it was the way he handled it. Daniel’s charitable response to those he had worked with was so radical that it made headlines. But why has kindness among Christians become so startling?
In Agents of Grace, Daniel explores practical ways we can follow the Bible’s command to “strive actively for peace” even in a painfully divided church, country, and world. On a very personal level, he helps us climb out of cynicism about how the people of God treat each other, especially when we are trying to heal from such pain in our own lives.
Beautifully written, Agents of Grace draws on modern-day examples and biblical truths to address:

  • Divisions that keep us from obeying Jesus’s command to love one another
  • Virtues that will lead us to a peace-filled life
  • The theological differences that are worth fighting for, and those that are not
  • How to avoid apathy and heal from past hurt, even amid hypocrisy and corruption
  • The difference between forgiveness, reconciliation, and trust

In this hope-filled book, Daniel issues a clarion call to live as bridgebuilders in a divided country, healers in a hurting church, and countercultural Jesus-followers in a world that needs to know God’s love.”

Hard Sayings: Understanding Difficult Passages of Scripture by R.C. Sproul. To be published June 1.
From the Amazon description:
God gave us His Word so that we may know Him and live by His truth. So, what should we do when we’re reading the Bible and a difficult passage stops us in our tracks? Sometimes the solution is right there on the page—if we know where to look—while other passages gain clarity in light of the rest of the Bible or its historical background. With the help of an experienced guide, we can overcome the obstacles to our progress and know God’s Word more deeply.
In Hard Sayings, Dr. R.C. Sproul applies his wisdom as a theologian and Bible teacher to some of the most challenging verses in Scripture. By showing us how to navigate tough texts in the Old and New Testaments, he outlines key principles to help us grow in our knowledge of God.”

Elisabeth Elliot: A Life by Lucy S.R. Austen. To be published June 27.
From the Amazon description:

Elisabeth Elliot (1926–2015) is one of the most widely known Christians of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. After the death of her husband, Jim, and four other missionaries at the hands of Waorani tribesmen in Ecuador, Elliot famously returned to live among the same people who had killed her husband. Her legacy, however, extends far beyond these events. In the years that followed, Elliot became a prolific writer and speaker, touching the lives of countless people around the world.
In this single-volume biography, Lucy S. R. Austen takes readers on an in-depth journey through the life of Elisabeth Elliot―her birth to missionary parents, her courtship and marriage to Jim Elliot, her missions work in Ecuador, and her private life and public work after she returned to the United States. Through Elliot’s example of love for God and obedience to his commands, readers will ponder what it means to follow Jesus.

  • Single-Volume Biography on Elisabeth Elliot:  Author Lucy S. R. Austen explores Elliot’s professional articles, books, and radio programs, as well as personal scrapbooks, journals, and letters
  • Engaging:   Tells the complex and moving life story of one of the most well-known Christian missionaries
  • A Great Resource for Students:  Thoroughly researched book provides information about Elliot beyond her work with the Waorani people and her first husband’s death.”

Facing the Last Enemy: Death and the Christian by Guy Waters. To be published June 29.
From the Amazon description:
When we’re standing at the gravesite, death gives little closure and leaves many questions unanswered. Despite the common claim that “dying is just a natural part of life,“ people seem to avoid this unsettling subject more than ever. Yet the Bible doesn’t shy away from the reality of death. God’s Word has the answers we need to face the grave with confidence in our risen Redeemer.
In this book, Dr. Guy Waters provides the Bible’s answers to essential questions about death, dying, and what comes after this life. Here is balm for the grieving, counsel for caretakers, and guidance to help God’s people rest in Christ’s victory as we come to life’s final battle.”

The Christian Manifesto: Jesus’ Life-Changing Words from the Sermon on the Plain by Alistair Begg. To be published September 1.
From the Amazon description:
What does genuine Christian living look like in the 21st century, and how can we be motivated to live that way?
The answer comes from Jesus’ sermon in Luke 6 (sometimes known as the Sermon on the Plain), which starts, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God,” and goes on to lay out God’s vision statement for the Christian life. It is a manifesto that has nothing to do with politics, culture, or personality, but rather God’s intentions for his people.
Renowned Bible teacher Begg unpacks this sermon, exhorting Christians to live a radically different life that upends the world’s values and philosophies. It’s a lifestyle that is counterintuitive and countercultural, yet one that God blesses with true meaning and impact.
As we look at the kindness and compassion of Jesus and ask for the Holy Spirit’s help, we’ll grow in both the motivation and the ability to obey Jesus’ teaching and experience the blessing that comes from that.
This compelling book will remind you of God’s grace and what it means to follow him, helping you discover the ultimate blessing that is found in him.”

The Conviction to Lead: 25 Principles for Leadership That Matters by Albert Mohler. To be published September 19.
From the Amazon description:
“Effective leaders need more than administrative skills and vision. They need to be able to change the hearts and minds of those they lead. Leadership like this requires passionate beliefs that can stand up to pressure from without and within.
In this updated edition Dr. Mohler has added a new introduction and conclusion based on an additional 10 years of leadership. He has also completely rewritten the chapter “The Digital Leader.” The Conviction to Lead will crystallize your convictions while revolutionizing your thinking, your decision-making, your communication, and ultimately, those you lead.”

The Advent of Glory: 24 Devotions for Christmas by R.C. Sproul. To be published October 1.
From the Amazon description:
“These straightforward, short, and profound Advent readings have been edited from talks given by much-loved Bible teacher, Dr. R.C. Sproul, helping readers to benefit from his enduring insight and wisdom. They delve into the details of the Christmas story and reflect on how these impact our lives now, combining scholarly detail with heartwarming application.
Each day also includes a prayer written by a well-known Bible teacher of our own day, to guide your own reflections.
As R.C. Sproul observes, the narrative of the birth of Jesus is so familiar to many of us that “the words just slip over us.” So, take the time to slow down and dwell on the words of the Christmas story so that you arrive at Christmas Day full of awe and wonder at the birth of Jesus.”

Sunday Matters: 52 Devotionals to Prepare Your Heart for Church by Paul Tripp. To be published October 3.
From the Amazon description:
In Sunday Matters, Paul David Tripp shares 52 devotions about the beauty and significance of church, helping Christians engage in vibrant gathered worship each week. Each short, accessible meditation highlights an essential spiritual topic, including divine grace, gratitude, our identity in Christ, and dependence on the Lord. Over the course of a year, Sunday Matters will strengthen each believer’s personal relationship with God and fill churches with joyful, engaged, and passionate worshipers.

  • 52 Weekly Devotionals:  Each reading includes Scripture and thought-provoking questions to prepare hearts for gathered worship
  • Accessible:  Theologically rich entries in a conversational, inspiring tone for churchgoers, pastors, and worship leaders alike
  • Written by Bestselling Author Paul David Tripp:  Author of 30+ books, including New Morning MerciesLead, and Parenting.

Women, Work, and Calling: Step into Your Place in God’s World by Joanna Meyer. To be published October 24.
From the Amazon description:
“Women now have professional opportunities beyond what previous generations ever imagined. But as our roles in public life have grown, the church’s vision for women’s work and calling has not grown with us, leaving us feeling isolated and under-resourced. Christian women face multiple tensions between home and work, navigating complex gender dynamics in the workplace and social pressure to hold together picture-perfect lives.
Joanna Meyer addresses a critical gap in Christian women’s discipleship by speaking to the roles we play in public and professional life. Acknowledging the brokenness of workplaces and industries, she provides a theological framework for women’s work and influence and offers resources for the challenges of working life. This book will help you:

  • Ignite your vocational imagination, with a biblical framework for work and calling.
  • Build strength from within, with emotional and spiritual health to support your work.
  • Navigate common workplace challenges, with practical tools to help your influence grow.
  • Pursue purposeful relationships, collaborating and building strong relationships with others.

Learn from the lived experience of godly female leaders and discover how women can have a redemptive impact through our work.”

What new and upcoming books are you looking forward to reading?

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