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THIS & THAT: A Weekly Roundup of Favorite Articles and Quotes

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  • 3 Reality Checks for Your Marriage. Paul Tripp shares essential wisdom perspectives that Scripture gives us that enable us to have realistic expectations for our marriage.

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  • The Role of Repentance in Salvation. Do we need to have a certain degree of remorse for our sin before we can truly become a Christian? In this short video, Derek Thomas explains how a proper understanding of the gospel helps us understand the right place of repentance in the Christian life.
  • The Fading of Forgiveness. In this long article, Tim Keller writes “The main way Christians can be a resource to the broader culture is by restoring the church to being a well-known community of forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • Enjoying God Is a Command. Sinclair Ferguson writes “Enjoying God means relishing the salvation He gives us in Jesus Christ.”
  • What To Do When You Sin. Randy Alcorn writes “How to handle sin in a God-honoring way isn’t often clearly addressed in the church. So, what steps should I take in order to deal with sin?”
  • How Not to Debate Ideas in the Public Square. Kevin DeYoung shares eight bad ideas when it comes to communicating our ideas in public.
  • Charles Spurgeon and His Struggle with Depression. Simonetta Carr writes “Charles Spurgeon is known as one of the greatest preachers in history. Not everyone knows about his ongoing battle with depression. Even fewer people know about his advocacy for people who lived with the same – or a similar – condition.”
  • Recovering the Priority of Personal Holiness. Alistair Begg writes “If the church is to recover its distinctiveness, holiness is a requirement for each individual member.”

  • Five Themes on Providence from the Psalms. Robert Godfrey writes “In 1557, John Calvin published his large commentary on the book of Psalms. In the course of his commentary on the Psalms, Calvin gave strong expression to various aspects of his doctrine of providence. Five themes about providence recur in his exposition.
  • God Never Forgets His Promises. Derek Thomas writes “No matter how dark things get His hand is always in control.”
  • The Power of the Word of God. Watch this short video from a message Alistair Begg delivered at the Sing! Global Conference.

  • Christianity gives a meaning for life that suffering can’t take away from you. Tim Keller
  • Christ in you is far greater than any crisis before you. Steven Lawson
  • “If I have THAT, my life will have meaning. I’ll have value and feel significant and secure.” THAT—is the object of your worship. Tim Keller
  • The things you daydream about in your spare time are ultimately the things you serve. Tim Keller
  • Jesus Christ is the only one fit for heaven and only those united to him by faith, whom he holds in the palm of his hand, will be with him. Burk Parsons
  • A crisis will contribute to who we become but it is revealing who we already are. David Cassidy
  • If it is easier for people to guess what your politics are than it is for them to guess what your religion is, it is quite possible that politics has become your religion. Scott Sauls
  • When people say “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” too often their focus is on “I can” rather than “through Christ.” Burk Parsons
  • If Jesus is not everything to you, He is nothing to you. Steven Lawson

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