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Skin and Wind – Charlie Peacock

I’ve appreciated Charlie Peacock’s music for many years, dating back to his late-night concerts at the Cornerstone Festival when it was held outside of the Chicago area, and his West Coast Diaries releases in the late 1980’s. The multi-talented (artist, producer, author) Peacock writes all of the songs on Skin and Wind, his fourteenth vocal album, and the follow-up to 2019’s Lil’ Willie. In addition, he produces the album, handles lead vocals, and plays multiple instruments (piano, Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric piano, drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitar and percussion). Backing him are son Sam Ashworth (acoustic guitar and background vocals), Ruby Amanfu (background vocals), Bridget Ashworth (background vocals), Jerry McPherson (electric and acoustic guitars and ukulele), Andy Leftwich (fiddle and mandolin) and Dan Dugmore (pedal and lap steel). The album cover is a 1986 photo of Peacock backstage at the Filmore Auditorium in San Francisco.
I thoroughly enjoyed this outstanding album, which features excellence in vocals (Peacock’s voice is still an incredible instrument), production, musicianship and poetical lyrics. Here are a few comments about each of the ten songs:

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Skin and Wind is a Mind Bend – This beautiful and lyrically rich song is driven by acoustic guitar, light percussion and backing vocals. It begins with references to rain: A rainstorm of righteousness is dripping from the ceiling, yet do not fix that leak it’s all we have to quench the thirst of the need to be known, the need to be heard. He sings Let’s see where the water goes, and then brings in the wind: There is a wind an untitled wind, a friend to every color of skin. A great opening song.
Key lyric:
I say to myself, don’t you dare ever think
What you see will always be
As it is even now in the summer of ‘20
When you’ve still got more than plenty

Call It Destiny – This song features acoustic and electric guitar, piano, backing vocals, and Sam Ashworth on drums. The song is about a life of contentment. He has no more lust for spinning plates. Every day is a homily.
Key lyric:
There’s no reason to think this season
Is anything but a gift, not a battle hard won
Sing It Blue – This song is driven by acoustic guitar, and features backing vocals, Jeff King on electric guitar and Sam Ashworth on drums and bass. Peacock sings that we should all do our part to be a heart that beats in time with the truth.
Key lyric:
Too many beaten down
Ignored or written off
What happened to the gold
In the rule, did it stop?

Waiting is the Plan – This song features acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and backing vocals. This is a song about supporting someone who is waiting. They are angry. Waiting is not the easiest thing to do, but it’s the plan.
Key lyric:
I’ll be standing on the shore
Waiting to see some history
Watching the sun set in the west
Hoping to God for the best
And waiting, oh waiting
Waiting is the plan
Even When You’re Not – This is a love song that is different musically from the previous songs on the album. It is driven by a bass beat, with backing vocals, guitar, organ and drums.
Key lyric:
There’s nothing that could ever break apart 
What we got when you’re near to me
Even when you’re not
Is There Anything – This is a love song that has a country music feel, featuring drums, guitar, organ, backing vocals, and Matt Slocum (Sixpence None the Richer) on cello.
Key lyric:
I’ll wrap my heart around you baby
You wrap your heart around me too
Let’s be the answer to the question
Is there anything that love cannot do?

Never Be Another One
– This is a love song, with a good beat driven by acoustic guitar, and featuring backing vocals. She has other lovers lining up, but needs to keep in mind that they once had a good time and there is no reason they can’t have another one.
Key lyric:
There will never be another one who can open my door, so wide
24 Hour Parade
– This song features acoustic guitar, bass, drums, backing vocals and cello. This day is another 24-hour parade of everything he believes. You can always be ready to be anything you need to be, or need to do or say, come what may.
Key lyric:
I see the lion on the prowl
I drop a knee and say a prayer
Come Light, true Truth
One Life, in You
The Captain – This upbeat song features piano, backing vocals, Mark Hill on bass, Steve Brewster on drums, Jeff Taylor on accordion and whistle, and Bryan Sutton on acoustic guitar. He keeps a close watch on how fast he’s sinking, but he still rises and prays thy will be done as he navigates the lane between sadness and delight. An excellent vocal from Peacock.
Key lyric:
I’ve got the least amount of time that I’ve ever had
My heart is full, my mind is quick
My body wants to lay it down
I’m a riddle, I’m a puzzle, I’m a quandary all around
I’m the Captain of a ship that’s going down
Faith, Hope & Love – This song is a prayer, and features acoustic and electric guitar, Mark Hill on bass and Nir Z on drums. He is waiting for the helping hand of love to lift him up and put him down on solid ground.
Key lyric:
I am down on my knees 
Right where I need to be
There’ll be time enough to do
All I’ve dreamed of
But right now what I really need
Is faith, hope and love 

Best songs:
Skin and Wind is a Mind Bend
The Captain
Faith, Hope & Love

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You Are With Me – Sandra McCracken

Sandra McCracken’s Patient Kingdom was my favorite album of 2020. See my review here. This week’s song of the week is from that album. Watch this video of McCracken performing “You Are With Me”.

My heart is heavy and tired in this valley
Mountains grow higher and higher, but I can’t find You
I’ll keep lifting my eyes, I know You’re with me

I hear Your voice when You cry: comfort, comfort
Sorrow may last for a night, but in the morning
Your joy breaks in with the light, I know You’re with me

I know You’re with me, and You are for me
You’ve been behind me, You go before
You walk beside me, through darkest val – leys
I know You are with me

You led me here where it’s dry, out in the desert
You bring these bones back to life, You put together
You sing a song of delight, I know You’re with me

I know You’re with me, and You are for me
You’ve been behind me, You go before
You walk beside me, through darkest val – leys
I know You are with me

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