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Wide Open – Michael McDonald

Wide Open is 65-year old Michael McDonald’s (Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan), first new studio album in more than nine years, and first album of original material in seventeen years, following Blue Obsession in 2000. It follows three R&B/Soul cover albums for Motown, the most recent being Soul Speak, released in 2008. He has also released a few Christmas albums during this time.
The 71-minute album of keyboard-heavy soul and blues ballads was written over several years and recorded at McDonald’s Nashville studio, along with drummer Shannon Forrest (Toto), and session players from Nashville. The album features collaborations with guitarist-singer Warren Haynes, guitarist Robben Ford, bassist Marcus Miller and saxophonist Branford Marsalis.
McDonald has said that most of the songs on the album have to do with sobriety, the journey in his life of getting sober, which he has been since 1986. It is a kind of wide open conversation of many different subjects, both musically and lyrically.
McDonald’s signature voice still sounds great. If I had any criticism of the album, it would just be that a few of the songs go too long, with only one song coming in at under four minutes.

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Below are a few brief comments about each of the songs:
Hail Mary – Clocking in at nearly seven minutes, the opening song features McDonald’s wife Amy Holland on backing vocals. It’s driven by a bass beat and keyboards. Key lyric: Does the sound of my voice still carry any kind of message still important to you?
Just Strong Enough – This is a slow blues number featuring guitar, piano, horns and strings.
Find It In Your Heart – This was the first single released from the album. It will most remind you of McDonald’s 70’s funk groove, led by Marcus Miller’s bass. It has an old soul sound and wah-wah guitar. Key lyric: Love’s the truth that sets us free. A highlight.
Half Truth –  This song is written by McDonald’s son Dylan. It opens with a harmonica and is driven by drums and some excellent guitar work. It’s a sad song, slower in pace. Key lyric: It’s just one of those times, when a half truth, becomes a whole lie.  
Ain’t No Good – This song is about a relationship gone wrong and is driven by strong drumming and some excellent guitar. Key lyric: I ain’t looking for the key to heaven, just open the gates to hell enough to let me out.
Honest Emotion – McDonald has said that this is the most personal song for him on the album. It is about the kind of autopilot we go through life operating on, avoiding any real feelings that you might be feeling, and trying to just deal with the ones that are comfortable. It features acoustic guitar and strings. Key lyric: Would honest emotion even know me if I walk through this door?  
Blessing in Disguise – This song is driven by some strong drumming and excellent saxophone from Branford Marsalis. Key lyric: The highs and lows can only point to in between, but time will show a blessing in disguise.
Dark Side – This ballad starts slowly with acoustic guitar, and then builds with a good drum beat, horns, piano and strings. Key lyric:  We all know love is blind, we only see what we want, you’re bound to learn somehow love has a dark side.
If You Wanted to Hurt Me – this upbeat song is driven by drums, keyboards, guitar, piano and horns. She’s leaving him and running to another. McDonald lets loose on this song, which will sound great in concert.
Beautiful Child – This ballad starts slowly with drums and acoustic guitar and then builds. Key lyric: You can search this world over, and still be a prisoner in a cage.
Too Short – This song features the stories of three characters. Musically it has an upbeat breezy drum-driven pop beat with guitar, horn and backing vocals. Key lyric: This life, it was too short to give up.
Free a Man – This upbeat song is written by Richard Stekol. It has political lyrics, and musically is driven by drums, guitar, horns and a keyboard solo. This is another one I would like to see McDonald perform in concert. Key lyrics: Free a man and love will follow and Religion has not failed man, no, it’s the other way around.      

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  • Worship, unlike any other act, reminds us of who God is—the one who was and is and is to come! Chris Tomlin
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  Face to Face by Mat Kearney

This week’s song of the week is Mat Kearney’s “Face to Face” from his new album CRAZYTALK.  Watch the video for the song here.
How many miles must it take to, breakthrough
And how many hours must we wait through, to hear the truth
How many moments did I trade in, for a fake kiss
How many chances did I forfeit, too afraid to miss

I feel Your thunder pourin’ like rain
Down on the mountains of all my mistakes
Rolling like rivers, running with grace
Into the ocean of Your embrace
Your hand on my side, leading the way
Ten thousand horses couldn’t pull me away
I hear the music Heaven has made
Oh when we’re standing, standing
Face to face
Face to face

How many nights with regret do I swear through

How many lives in the rear view, do I compare to

Hand on my side, leading the way
Ten thousand horses couldn’t pull me away
I hear the music Heaven has made
Oh when we’re standing, standing
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face
Face to face

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