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Four Oscar Nominated Films That I Won’t See, and One That I Wish I Hadn’t

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There are three films that have received an Oscar nomination for “Best Picture”, plus one other that has received several nominations, that I won’t be seeing, and I’ll share with you why you might want to consider passing on them as well. In addition, there is one film that has received an Oscar nomination for “Best Picture” which I’ve seen but wish that I hadn’t.

I’ve previously shared these 5 resources that I use to help me be discerning when I’m considering going to see a movie or watch a television program. Most films, unless they are specifically aimed at a Christian audience, have some content issues such as sexuality, nudity, language, worldview, etc. This even includes films that are targeted to children. An example of this is the forthcoming animated film Sherlock Gnomes. In this trailer alone, there are several things included that parents of young children will have concerns with.

Here are the four Oscar nominated films that I won’t be seeing:

Call Me by Your Name – This film received four Oscar nominations including Best Picture and Lead Actor. The film is about a 25-year-old man working as a research assistant with a professor in Northern Italy who befriends the professor’s 17-year-old son, and their relationship blossoms into sexual romance. In many states in the U.S. this would be considered statutory rape.  Ted Baehr of writes about the film that “It confuses lust with love. As such, it’s one of the most explicit, abhorrent mainstream movies of the year, homosexual or heterosexual”. The film includes a significant amount of sexual content and nudity.

I, Tonya – This film received three Oscar nominations, including Lead Actress and Supporting Actress. The film is about the life of Olympic hopeful ice skater Tonya Harding’s relationship with her mother and husband, and the 1994 incident in which Nancy Kerrigan was attacked by Harding’s husband. The film includes a significant amount of adult language and some sexuality.  I remember this when it actually happened – why is it worthy of a movie?  She has been banned for life from the U.S. Figure Skating Association.

Lady Bird – This film received five Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Lead Actress, Supporting Actress and Director. The film follows a high school student through her senior year of school as she struggles with her mother and other people in her life. The film contains a significant amount of adult language and some sexuality and graphic nudity.

The Shape of Water – This film received a leading thirteen Oscar nominations, including Best Film, Lead Actress, Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor and Director. This film is about a love story between a mute female janitor and an amphibious creature. The film contains a significant amount of sexual content, nudity and bestiality. Ted Baehr of calls this film that has received thirteen Oscar nominations “One of the worst, most abhorrent movies in recent years”.

In addition, here’s one additional film that has received an Oscar nomination for “Best Picture” that I saw, but wished I hadn’t:

Phantom Thread – This film received six Oscar nominations, including Best Film, Lead Actor, Supporting Actress and Director. The film is about a British dressmaker and the women in his life, starring acclaimed actor Daniel Day-Lewis. The movie is beautifully filmed and is supported by a very good musical score, but ends with a disgusting, perverse and twisted turn in the relationship between the lead character and his wife.

Each of the above films probably has much going for it – acting, directing, writing, etc., and as a result we may be tempted to go see them. But as a person of faith, I’ll be taking a pass on these films, as Hollywood continues to try to push moral boundaries. If you have seen one of these movies, please let us know what you thought.

Author: Bill Pence

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