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Music Review:

Glory Song – Matt Redman

Two-time Grammy Award winner and writer of many wonderful worship songs for the church including “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)”, Matt Redman follows his excellent 2016 Christmas album These Christmas Lights, with this album recorded at the famed Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. Prior to the Christmas release, his three prior albums had been recorded live. The album was co-produced by Jeremy Edwardson and Jeremy SH Griffith. He intentionally tried to bring more of a gospel sound to the album, including Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Kierra Sheard and a gospel choir. I can’t tell you how much I was blessed and encouraged by this album – it’s one of my favorites.

Below are a few comments on each song on the album:
All Glory – This song was written by Jonus Myrin and Redman, and features vocals from Kierra Sheard (who also appears on Lecrae’s new album), and a gospel choir. The chorus is an adaptation of the Gloria Patri.  Key lyric: All glory to the Father, all glory to the Son, all glory to the Spirit.
The Spirit of our God. As it was in the beginning, and will be in the end. All glory to Your everlasting name
Gospel Song – This song blends familiar Redman elements with an excellent beat and even some rap from Guvna B. It starts slowly with piano, then builds with catchy beat, gospel choir, guitar and organ about the joy of singing the gospel song. You’ll hear bits of John 3:16 in here too. I liked him stepping out of his norm.
Greatest Hallelujah – This song is written by Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman. It will remind you of some of Redman’s most-loved worship songs. It features a choir and some shouts. A highlight. Key lyric:  From this breath to my last, then forever and a day, I’ll pour out my heart, I’ll pour out my soul
My greatest hallelujah.  

Gracefully Broken – This song was written by Tasha Cobbs Leonard and Redman and was the first single released ahead of the album. It features a gospel choir and strong vocals from Leonard, who also includes a version of the song on her album Heart. Passion. Pursuit. The song starts slow and builds to the worshipful chorus. It will be a wonderful song for congregational singing. Key lyric: Here I am, God                 Arms wide open, pouring out my life, gracefully broken
One Day (When We All Get to Heaven) –  This song, which incorporates the hymn “When We All Get to Heaven”, is written by Eliza E. Hewitt, Beth Redman, Leonard Jarman and Redman. It features a strong Redman vocal with a piano and later organ backing. Again, this is different from the usual Redman song, and I really liked it.
Redemption Ground – This song is written by Nick Herbert, Sam Bailey and Redman. It starts slowly with guitar and then builds with drums and backing vocals from female vocalist Madison Cunningham. On this redemption ground he’ll stand with all the saints. It features a nice guitar solo.
Key lyric: Who can count the souls of all who have been found here on redemption ground.  

It Is Finished – This song is written by Jonas Myrin, Ed Cash and Redman about the words Jesus spoke on the cross and what those words mean. It is a triumphant song which features choir. He (and we) stands in awe and amazed.  There is no more condemnation. Hallelujah, God be praised. This will be a wonderful song to sing in worship services. Key lyric: It is finished, it is finished, O, what else is there to say, Shame is silenced, death defeated, Hallelujah, God be praised.
Questions (You Are Faithful) –  This song is written by Jonas Myrin and Redman. It speaks to how God holds us even when we have questions, fear and doubt. One thing that will never change is that He is faithful to the end. The song features backing vocals from a choir that culminates in Redman’s prayer near the end of the song. Key lyric: Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief (Mark 9:24)
Still I Will Sing – This upbeat song (drums, guitar, piano, organ) is written by Jonas Myrin and Redman. It has an infectious beat from the beginning. It’s about singing to the Lord no matter what the circumstances. Sometimes it’s a song of joy or sacrifice. We sing in the battle, in the blessings and the shadows.  Key lyric: Sing it like you mean it, sing and believe it, for the glory of God.
Place Of Praise –  This song is written by Bernie Herms, Aaron Lindsey and Redman. It opens slowly with primarily piano and then builds with powerfully with Kim Walker-Smith and a choir. Key lyric: If the highest praise is a sacrifice and the greatest song is to give my life then I will not bring that which costs me nothing.   
Hope Is Marching On –  This song of encouragement is written by Jonas Myrin and Redman. It opens with Redman’s singing with a piano backing. He is later joined by a gospel choir, still accompanied by just a piano. It is about relying on God during times of tears and trouble, through the darkness of the night. Key lyric: And Your love, it keeps on lifting me, and Your hope is marching on, and Your mercy surely carries me, and Your hope is marching on.
Simple Pursuit / Glory Song – The song is written by Sam Bailey, Nick Herbert, Ben Cantelon and Redman. It is about going back to the basics of the faith. A simple pursuit of God, a church that is known of His presence.  This song of worship starts slowly with acoustic guitar, piano and female vocal. It builds gently and includes a prayerful ending. Key lyric: Nothing and no one comes close to You. Your Ways – This song is written by Nick Herbet, Sam Bailey and Redman.
This song of thanksgiving has a slow worshipful pace with acoustic guitar, organ, piano and choir. Key lyric: Your ways of loving us. So deep and wide and never will they change. How we love your ways.  

  • Christian worship must contain both the cross and the crown. Sing of majesty, and sing of mercy. Matt Redman
  • Worship is the place where the echoes of our past and the echoes of our future meet and are reconciled in the present. Matt Maher
  • Final mixes of the new songs coming through this week, and I can’t WAIT for you guys to hear them. #ResurrectionLetters. Andrew Peterson


Resurrection Power by Chris Tomlin

This week’s song of the week is from Chris Tomlin, one of my favorite artists. “Resurrection Power” is his first new song since Never Lose Sight, which was my top album of 2016.
Watch the powerful video for the song here.

Here are the lyrics to the song, written by Ryan Ellis, Ed Cash, and Tony Brown.

You called me from the grave by name
You called me out of all my shame
I see the old has passed away
The new has come

Now I have resurrection power
Living on the inside
Jesus, You have given us freedom
No longer bound by sin and darkness
Living in the light of Your goodness
You have given us freedom

I’m dressed in Your royalty
Your Holy Spirit lives in me
I see my past has been redeemed
The new has come

You have given us freedom
You have given us freedom
My chains are gone

You have given us freedom
You have given us freedom

Now I have resurrection power
Living on the inside
And I’m no longer bound by sin and darkness
Living in the light of Your goodness
You have given us freedom

I have resurrection power
Living on the inside
Living on the inside
No longer bound by sin and darkness
You have given us freedom
You have given us freedom

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