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THIS & THAT and Favorite Quotes of the Week

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  • Before the Throne of Social ‘Likes’. Trevin Wax writes “as Christians who want to be faithful to Jesus in this era, we need to consider what our online interaction is doing to our hearts. How do these online habits shape us? What are the benefits, the promises, and the dangers?”
  • My Life Feels Pointless. In this episode of the “Ask Pastor John” podcast, John Piper answers the question “How do we continue on when this life feels pointless, like when we are treading water and it feels like we’re just passing time until this life is over?”  
  • Repenting of Our Performance-ism and Perfectionism. Scotty Smith prays “I can still lapse into “approval suck” living–seeking to gain and maintain people’s approval by what I do. Likewise, I often consider a day “good” or “bad,” based on the quality and quantity of my production. Rather than boasting in Christ alone, I often look to find something boast-worthy in me. Performance-based living is such a crummy way to do life–one that contradicts the way of grace.”
  • Why I Love the Evening Service and You Can Too. Kevin DeYoung writes “Here are a few reasons why I’m thankful for the evening service and why I hope you’ll consider keeping yours, going to yours, finding a neighboring church that has one, or even starting one at your church.”
  • Passive Christianity is Dead Christianity. Jon Bloom writes “Do what Jesus says. Do whatever it takes to want what’s right. And then, with that new heart, do what you want.”
  • R.C.Sproul Through the Years. It’s hard for me to express how much the Lord has used R.C. Sproul’s ministry (books, teaching series, conferences) in my sanctification. I enjoyed this two-minute video clip of his ministry throughout the past 50 years.


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  • The Most Controversial Claim Jesus Ever Made. David Mathis writes “Jesus is the way. By all means, contend for this precious truth in the classroom, over coffee, and on the street, but don’t miss its sweetness first in the depths of your own soul.”
  • The Non-Negotiable Gospel. I’ve been enjoying re-listening to the messages from the 2017 Ligonier National Conference.    Watch or listen to this message from John MacArthur, as he explains why the doctrine of justification by faith alone is central to the message of the gospel now and in the future.
  • For the Sake of Your Conscience. Kevin DeYoung writes “In a very real sense, you could say that the history of the Reformation, the history of Europe, and the history of the entire world was, in God’s providence, altered because one man refused to violate his conscience.”
  • Election and Christ. John MacArthur writes “The doctrine of election cannot be taken as if it was an insignificant idea, or isolated as fodder for debate. It encompasses the whole of redemptive history.”


Doug Michael’s Cartoon of the Week

  • If God is not at the center of your life, something else is. Tim Keller
  • The gospel turns the duty of doing and experiencing God’s will into a delight.” Sinclair Ferguson
  • Doctrine is not just meant to be put into catechism or a Sunday school class. Doctrine must be put into our prayers and praise. Michael Horton
  • Our love of neighbor is proportional to our love of God, and our love of God is proportional to how greatly we rest in his love for us. Burk Parsons
  • You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say. Martin Luther
  • Christ is not given to believers for righteousness without also being given to them for sanctification. John Calvin
  • You have no sin too large for God’s mercy, and no problem too little for his concern. Matt Smethurst
  • Half our fears arise from neglect of the Bible. Charles Spurgeon
  • He who prays as he ought will endeavor to live as he prays. John Owen

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