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THIS & THAT and Favorite Quotes of the Week

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  • Remember Who Sits Over the White House. R.C. Sproul writes “The most important matter is not who sits in the White House but who sits over the White House. The one who sits over the White House is the King of kings, the Lord of lords, and our Savior.”
  • Ernie Johnson’s Views on the Election. Watch TNT NBA studio host Ernie Johnson share his powerful reflections on the election.
  • Trusting God for Peace When We See Things Quite Differently. Scotty Smith prays “Grant us grace and peace, wisdom and kindness as we seek first your kingdom and your righteousness. Our hope is in you, not in any man. 
  • Police Calm Millennial Protesters By Handing Out Participation Trophies. The Babylon Bee Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire reports “As anti-Trump rallies nationwide turned hostile overnight with widespread reports of violence, looting, vandalism, and death threats against the president-elect and his supporters, police in numerous major cities were able to instill calm and regain control by handing out participation trophies to all millennial protesters who were enraged about losing the election, sources confirmed.”
Courtesy of World Magazine

Courtesy of World Magazine

  • Talk to God About Your Anxiety. Jon Bloom writes “Prayer is the key to escaping the snare of sinful anxiety. Don’t listen to your anxieties, and don’t talk back to them. Especially beware of anxieties in disguise. Direct your talk to God and cast all your “what if” concerns on him because only he can give you the assurance that everything will ultimately be okay.”
  • Rosaria Butterfield on the Eric Metaxas Show. Author Rosaria Butterfield discusses her recent article “Love Your Neighbor Enough to Speak Truth”.
  • Should We Obey Old Testament Law? In this episode of “Ask Pastor John”, John Piper responds to the question as to whether it is sinful for a believer to eat pork and bacon.
  • The Truth Divides. Watch this excerpt from a Question and Answer session in which R.C. Sproul reminds us that the truth of God divides.
  • Lord, Keep Me from Wasting My Life. Jon Bloom writes “All diligence is hard work. But Christian diligence goes beyond hard work to a Spirit-empowered cultivating of a discerning focus, sense of urgency, vigilant carefulness, and faithful perseverance.”
  • 12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting Something Online.  Mark Dever writes “What might be some indicators to consider before you publish a blog, Facebook status, or tweet? I want to offer 12 brief questions to ask. Think of them as indicator lights, the kind a pilot checks before take off.”
  • 5 Ways to Doubt Your Doubts. Check out this adapted excerpt from Tim Keller’s new book Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical. I’m currently reading this book, which he considers as a prequel to his classic Reason for God. Look for a review soon.
  • Does Christianity Make Life Harder? Tony Reinke writes “Does our glorious union with Christ merely sanctify our inevitable suffering, or does union with the suffering Christ bring with it the addition of new and deeper suffering into our lives?”
  • What if Our Bibles Rose Up and Judged Us? Trevin Wax writes “Study Bibles may be terrific aids in understanding, but only if they result in obedience. More head knowledge is not the goal; heart change matters most.”
  • Set an Example in Your Purity. Tim Challies wraps up a short series he wrote with younger Christians in mind—people in their teens or twenties.
  • Four Implications of Martin Luther’s Theology. Sinclair Ferguson writes “What do the sovereignty of God, salvation by grace, justification by faith, and new life in union with Christ mean for the living of the Christian life? For Martin Luther, they carry four implications.”
  • Learning from the Judges.C. Sproul writes “No matter how badly God’s covenant people fail, our Lord is quick to rescue His church when she repents. His people forsake Him, but He never forsakes them.”
  • 2016 Lancaster Ligonier Ministries Regional Conference: Audio and Video. You can now stream all of the messages from Ligonier’s Lancaster Regional Conference for free.
  • The Remarkable Mr. Graham. On Billy Graham’s 98th birthday, historian Grant Wacker reflects on the impact of his ministry.
  • Mad Lib Theater. Benedict Cumberbatch joins Jimmy Fallon in this funny skit recently on The Tonight Show.
Doug Michael’s Cartoon of the Week

Doug Michael’s Cartoon of the Week


  • Repentance is a characteristic of the whole life, not the action of a single moment. Sinclair Ferguson
  • 4 C’s for the day Cares: what has me worried today? Carnalities: what tempts me today? Consolations: what joys find me today? Christ my hope. Zach Eswine
  • Give me a candle and a Bible and shut me up in a dark dungeon, and I will tell you everything that the whole world is doing. C. Ryle
  • You are a Christian before you are a Democrat or a Republican. Do your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and children sense this? Scott Sauls
  • Jesus didn’t come primarily to solve the economic, political, and social problems of the world. He came to forgive our sins. Tim Keller
  • Really sad/mad about the election? Seek to love those who welcome it. Really happy/stoked about the election? Seek to love those who hate it. Scotty Smith
  • If the Christian faith gets identified with a party, it reduces the Christian faith to a political position. Tim Keller
  • The things you daydream about in your spare time are ultimately the things you serve. Tim Keller
  • Until Christ is our treasure, any other motivation we have to suffer for him is a fool’s errand. Matt Chandler


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