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  • Owning My Critical Spirit. Scotty Smith prays “Lord Jesus, when I rubbed my irritated eyes this morning, I soon realized it wasn’t a speck of dust, but a rough-hewn board stuck there—a plank of self-righteousness. I went to bed last night having made myself the judge, jury, and executioner of those who irritate, disappoint, and fail me—politicians and otherwise.”
  • Isn’t Unlimited Atonement More Glorious than Limited Atonement? In this episode of the “Ask Pastor John” podcast, John Piper addresses the question “How does limited atonement make much of the majesty of Jesus when it is called limited?”
  • The Ordinary Christian Life. Michael Horton writes “And who knows? Maybe if we discover the opportunities of the ordinary, a fondness for the familiar, and a wonder for the mundane, we will end up being radical after all.”
  • God Doesn’t Owe Us Mercy. In this short video excerpt from his teaching series Fear and Trembling, R.C. Sproul teaching series, R.C. Sproul reminds us that God does not owe us mercy.
  • Do You Want Heaven for the Wrong Reason? Watch this message from John Piper, using the text 1 Peter 3:17-22.
  • Four Key Principles of Repentance. Tim Challies writes “These are basic truths about basic Christianity—repenting of sin and coming to alive to righteousness. These are truths my children need to hear and believe. These are truths their parents need to hear again and believe anew.”
  • Cultivating Christian Discipleship in the Family. In this excerpt from the new book The Legacy of Luther, Joel Beeke writes “Luther believed that the stresses of family life offer one of the best environments in which to cultivate Christian discipleship.”
  • Parents Fear That Religion Will Make Their Children Outcasts. Danny Boyle writes “Almost a quarter of religious parents are not passing on their faith to their children for fear they will be alienated at school, a survey has revealed.
  • Will Beauty Save the World? Albert Mohler reflects on the nature of true beauty in the Christian worldview.
  • 4 Portraits of Power from a Magazine Rack Near You. Jen Wilkin writes “Based on their faithful report, our culture grants power to the strong, the beautiful, the wealthy, and the charismatic.”
  • Civility in the Public Square. Nicholas Kristof (Pulitzer Prize winning NY Times columnist), John Inazu (author of Confident Pluralism), and Tim Keller discuss rediscovering civility and dignity in the public square.
  • God’s Call to Leave This American Mess. John Piper writes “If you are discouraged, personally or politically, join me in lifting up your eyes. Christ has all authority over the world. His mission will be finished. Join him in it. Light will dawn in your heart.”
  • Love Your Neighbor Enough to Speak Truth. Rosaria Butterfield responds to recent comments made by Jen Hatmaker.
  • A Few Brief Thoughts on the Hatmaker Hermeneutic. Kevin DeYoung shares “a few quick thoughts about the Facebook post from Brandon Hatmaker (Jen’s husband). While I commend Hatmaker (both of them) for what seems to be a serious process of reading, reflection, and prayer, I find the logic of their position unconvincing.”
  • What’s Really Going on With Evangelicals and Same-Sex Marriage? Trevin Wax writes “The biggest debate in evangelical circles these days is not over same-sex marriage. It’s whether or not male-female marriage is a “core commitment” or an issue we can “agree to disagree” on. And more and more institutions and organizations are making it clear that marriage is the first, not the second.”

CUBS WIN!ben-zobrist-mvp

  • Pop Artist Julianna Zobrist’s Husband Ben Named World Series MVP. I thought our Cubs fan readers would enjoy the title of this article. Congratulations to Ben Zobrist, who grew up not far from where I live.
  • Intense Revival Breaks Out In Chicago Overnight. The Babylon Bee (Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire) reports “Infused with a spiritual high after the Cubs won their first World Series since 1908 in an epic, middle-of-the-night game 7, hundreds of thousands of Chicago residents announced a new or rekindled faith in God, openly expressing heartfelt gratitude for His blessings and grace as intense revival broke out across the city early Thursday morning, sources confirmed.”

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Doug Michael’s Cartoon of the Week


  • Congratulations Cubs fans. When Chicago last won the World Series Edward VII was King of England and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary was located in downtown Louisville. Albert Mohler
  • All is well, all is very well. God is on his throne, Jesus is coming back, and the Cubs won the World Series. Scotty Smith
  • My boys want to stay up and watch the Cubs. What am I supposed to say, “Nah, you can watch them in 2124”? Kevin DeYoung
  • One day America and all its presidents will be a footnote in history, but the kingdom of Jesus will never end. John Piper
  • If Jesus is not first place in our lives, then everything else is out of place. Steven Lawson
  • After you tried the higher life, deeper life, and your best life now, go to the gospel of Jesus Christ that gives abundant, eternal life. Burk Parsons
  • The real Jesus requires more than you ever thought, but offers more than you ever imagined. Tim Keller  
  • God helps those who cannot help themselves. Charles Spurgeon
  • Until we are reconciled to God by the blood of Jesus everything to which we look for satisfaction will fully disappoint us. John Newton


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