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My Review of the Movie ‘Finding Dory’

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Finding DoryFinding Dory, rated PG
*** ½

This delightful film is the latest from Pixar. It is written and directed by two-time Oscar winner (for Finding Nemo and WALL-E) Andrew Stanton. It is co-directed by Angus MacLane and co-written by Victoria Strouse and Bob Peterson.  The film is set six months after the 2003 film Finding Nemo.

Dory (voiced by Ellen Degeneres), a blue tang, is joined by some characters from Finding Nemo – grumpy Marlin (Albert Brooks) son Nemo (Hayden Rolence, who replaces Alexander Gould from Finding Nemo), as well as turtle Crush and son Squirt, fish-school instructor Mr. Ray and the “Mine! Mine! Mine!” seagulls. We are also introduced to several new characters, the best of which is Hank the octopus (Ed O’Neill). I also enjoyed the vision challenged shark Destiny (Kaitlin Olson).

Dory suffers from memory loss about every ten seconds. This was something that she was born with.  She finally remembers that she had parents and was separated from them when just a child. So, with friends Nemo and Marlin she sets out on a journey across the ocean to find them.

Their journey brings her to the Marine Life Institute, a conservatory that houses diverse ocean species. The Institute was inspired by the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, which we visited in 2010.

The film includes beautiful colors and animation, humor and several good messages about family, friendship and helping those with disabilities.   A scene of Dory being lost and alone will be scary for wee ones.

And don’t forget to wait through the credits to see some additional content.

Of special note is the animated short Piper, which is shown just before Finding Dory. The wonderful short film tells the story of a little sandpiper gaining courage against the forces of nature.

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  1. Agree! We saw on Saturday morning with the SFEA tickets (filled 3 movie theaters with farmers and kids) and really enjoyed the movie- and loved overall theme of the movie about courage, support, loyalty, perseverance, it’s ok to be different, etc.

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