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this.n.that-small CURRENT TOPICS:

The-digital-TsunamiIs the Digital Tide Turning? David Murray looks at a few trends and asks “Is the digital deluge beginning to abate? After years of digital tsunamis sweeping everything (including ourselves) before them, are we seeing the tide turning? Is some sanity returning to our use of digital technology?”

Have Americans Really Changed Their Minds on Same-Sex Marriage? Albert Mohler writes “I do not doubt that a vast moral revolution is reshaping America, but it is doubtful that most Americans are ready to say that a boy doesn’t need a dad. And, unless they are willing to go that far, they really do not support same-sex marriage as is claimed — or even, as they claim.”

THEOLOGY = “The Knowledge of God”:

  • The Believer and Sanctification. John MacArthur writes “So who is responsible for your growth as a Christian? God is responsible for supplying everything you need for life and godliness, and you are responsible for actively using that power to grow in sanctification for His glory. The paradox is found in the believer being both fully responsible, and yet fully dependent on God’s supply.”
  • The Article on Which the Church Stands or Falls. I’ve been listening to the messages from the 2013 Ligonier National Conference that had a theme of No Compromise.  Watch this video of a wonderful defense of the doctrine of justification by faith alone by R.C. Sproul.
  • A Quiz on the Doctrine of Scripture. Tim Challies writes “How well do you know the doctrine of the Scripture? How well do you know what the Bible tells us about the Bible? This short thirty-three question quiz is designed to help you find out.”
  • The Love You Don’t Need. John MacArthur writes “any so-called “love” that ignores God’s holiness or denies biblical truth is a deadly counterfeit that threatens to enslave and to deceive. It is the love you don’t need, because it is not really love at all.”
  • The-Bible-Is-A-GoldmineYour Bible is a Gold Mine. Jon Bloom writes “The Bible contains over 31,000 verses — so much gold and so little time. We’ll never exhaust the gold it contains during our brief lives, but we must discover all we can.”
  • 5 Reasons Preachers Avoid Sermons on Hell. Kevin Halloran writes “Cultural pressures and itching ears can make us forget the great privilege of preaching all the gospel—not only the hell we deserve but the beauty of him who took hell on himself, securing endless life for us. Let us faithfully proclaim this glad news in all its parts so our hearers might repent, believe, and escape the wrath to come.”
  • Historical is Not Enough. Carl Trueman, who I enjoyed his wonderful course on B.B. Warfield a few years back at Covenant Seminary, writes “I worry that the return to the old paths in much of the Christian world is simply a return to what is considered safe and convenient.”


  • J.I. Packer In His Own Words: A 20-Minute Documentary on His Early Life, Theological Influences and Enduring Legacy. Justin Taylor writes “My colleagues Jon Marshall and Josh Dennis have filmed a beautiful documentary of this gracious and Christocentric octogenarian (J.I. Packer), allowing a fascinating father in the faith to speak in his own words.”
  • 5 Leadership Questions Podcast with Darrin Patrick. On this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast Todd Adkins and Barnabas Piper talk with Darrin Patrick who is the lead and founding pastor of The Journey in Saint Louis. He has authored several books, including the brand new The Dude’s Guide to Marriage Darrin is also the chaplain for the Saint Louis Cardinals. They talk entrepreneurial leadership, church planting, and about soul care for pastors.
  • Reformation Website. Gene Veith writes “The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has put together a web site in conjunction with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which will take place in 2017. The site includes lots of resources, including videos.  It also announces a hymn writing competition!”


  • A Prayer for Owning and Dealing with our Critical Spirit. Here’s our prayer of the week from our friend Scotty Smith, who I enjoyed two wonderful courses with at Covenant Seminary. I encourage you to sign up to receive these prayers from Scotty daily.
  • We Disagree, Therefore I Need You. Scott Sauls shares a few thoughts about how he believes Jesus wants his people to relate to one another on matters that are important, but that are also non-essential.
  • Satan Hunts Among the Hurting. Marshall Segal shares five truths to believe in the valley against all of the lies Satan hides in the shadows.
  • The Fruit of Patience. R.C. Sproul writes “Waiting for God is at the heart of living by faith.”
  • Dude's Guide10 Skills Every Husband Needs. Matt Smethurst interviews Darrin and Amie Patrick about their new book The Dude’s Guide to Marriage: Ten Skills Every Husband Must Develop to Love His Wife Well on how to cultivate a healthy marriage.
  • Thank God for Your Normal, Boring Life. Kevin DeYoung writes “If your life feels ho-hum and humdrum, if you struggle to find contentment in the ordinary and mundane, if you are tempted to break free from the predictable routine of life with stupidity or sinfulness, consider for a moment that your boring life is the envy of almost every person sitting right now in a hospital bed or a refugee camp. Consider how many friends and family members would gladly trade in all their frenzied commotion and uncertain schedules for a single day of your plain-jane normalcy. The only people bored with boring are those who have never had to live without it.”
  • Pray For Your Children’s Salvation. Joel Beeke writes “The salvation of our children is priceless; their spiritual needs far outweigh their physical needs. They need our prayers—our earnest prayers with hearts aflame, both for their initial repentance and coming to Christ by faith, and for their life of ongoing growth in faith.”
  • The Loneliness of Suffering. Vaneetha Rendall writes “This path of suffering, of heartache, of loneliness takes me directly to my Savior. Which is the lone path worth taking. For only Jesus can heal me.”
Doug Michael’s Cartoon of the Week

Doug Michael’s Cartoon of the Week

 Favorite Quotes of the Week

  • One of the saddest things about this fallen world is that an adoption can cost $40,000 and an abortion $400. David Sitton  
  • God gets glory when his strength shines in our weakness. Kevin DeYoung
  • Father, we long for the clarity of Your truth to dawn upon our minds and for the immensity of Your love to grip our hearts. Alistair Begg
  • Suffering dispels the illusion that we have the strength and competence to rule our own lives. Tim Keller
  • Is there a record for number of naps in one day? Jim Gaffigan
  • Just ended a conversation with one of America’s most famous atheists with “God bless you.” Couldn’t help it. And I meant it. And he knew it. Albert Mohler
  • Life may not be pain free for us, but it’ll never be Christ absent. Scotty Smith
  • Unbelievers can tolerate Christ only as long as he is stripped of his real identity. R.C. Sproul
  • Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what we worship. Tim Keller
  • If you reject the Bible as your final authority, what is your final authority? Get that clear. For God will ask you in the end. John Piper
  • Prosperity and poverty are not signs of God’s favor or disfavor; God’s promised mercy in the gospel is the only anchor in the storm. Michael Horton  
  • Christianity is the only religion whose God bears the scars of evil. Os Guinness
  • Jesus’ example teaches us that prayer is about relationship. When he prays, he is not performing a duty; he is getting close to his Father. Paul Miller
  • Save 3-6 months of expenses in a Rainy Day fund. Know why? Cause it is going to rain, and you aren’t the exception. Dave Ramsey
  • The voice of Christ is so powerful that it awakens the spiritually dead in the grave of sin to hear it and live. Steven Lawson
  • Holy Spirit, grant us long fuses and short accounts today, along with copious amounts of mercy and grace to share. Scotty Smith
  • The world says love yourself, grab all you can, follow your heart. Jesus says deny yourself, grab your cross and follow me. Francis Chan
  • Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays. Soren Kierkegaard
  • If we really believe that God is actively present in our lives, we need to set aside a time and space to give God our undivided attention. Henri Nouwen
  • When you think of what you are, and despair; think also of what He is, and take heart. Charles Spurgeon
  • To trust God in the light is nothing, but trust him in the dark—that is faith. Charles Spurgeon
  • When Jesus died on the cross the veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom so that big sinners like me might fit through. Charles Spurgeon
  • Whenever the true message of the cross is abolished, the anger of hypocrites and heretics eases and all things seem to be at peace. Martin Luther
  • Let goods and kindred go,

This mortal life also;

The body they may kill:

God’s truth abideth still,

His Kingdom is forever.      Martin Luther

R.C. Quote

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