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This & That and Favorite Quotes of the Week

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This and ThatIN THE NEWS:Elisabeth Elliot

Courtesy of World Magazine

Courtesy of World Magazine


  • Mr. Temporary. In the conclusion of Paul’s second letter to Timothy, Paul had been deserted by his once-committed friend, Demas. Demas’s actions were motivated by a deeper problem: he had come to love this world and had cast aside his love for Jesus. Like Demas, all Christians have the potential to fall away from our commitment to Christ. In this sermon, Alistair Begg presents an example to avoid as he urges us to turn away from sin and persevere in obedience to God, our Savior.
  • 250+ Free Online Seminary Classes, Courses, Programs, and Book Recommendations. Looking to develop your summer growth plan? Here is my plan. Our friend Kevin Halloran shares these helpful resources.



  • How Should Christians Fast? Tim Challies shares 6 guidelines for the practice of fasting from a booklet by Daniel Hyde.
  • So You Got Your First Smartphone… Tim Challies writes “It can be used to do so many good things, but if you are not wary, it can also be used to do an awful lot of bad things. So before you power it on for the first time, I think it would be wise to invest just a few minutes in thinking and planning.”
  • A Self-Pity Refresher. Eric Davis shares some of self-pity’s dangers.
  • How Should We View Muslims? Randy Alcorn writes “We can and should love Muslims, pray for them, defend their civil rights, reach out and help them. But we can still believe their religion is false and that no matter how devoutly they practice it, without Christ they will go to Hell.”
  • The First Two Steps Out of Pornography Addiction. Heath Lambert counsels people with two practical first steps to take in defeating their addiction to pornography. Both are humble pleas for help – Pray and tell someone else.
  • Same Sex Attraction. Read J.D. Greear’s five-part series on this subject
  • Our Odyssey Against Sexual Temptation. Jimmy Needham writes “Fight for this pleasure every day. It’s the fight beneath every other fight in the Christian life. It’s the fight for joy in God.” Read the article and listen to his new song “Sirens” from his album Vice & Virtue”.
  • 12 Questions for a Six-Month Spiritual Checkup. Chuck Lawless shares these helpful questions.
  • Where Real Courage Comes From. Jon Bloom asks “Where does courage come from? And how do you get it when you need it, when some fear towers over you and threatens you, and you feel like cowering and fleeing into some cave of protection?”
  • 4 Ways to Reach a Child’s Heart. Richard Phillips shares four good things that a godly father plants in the hearts of his children.
  • Why Are So Many Christians Unhappy? Jim Johnston writes “Half-hearted Christians are not happy Christians. Hope in God, and don’t run after other gods. That is the path to joy.”
  • A Prayer for Those Days and Seasons When We Feel Outnumbered. Here’s a wonderful prayer from our friend Scotty Smith.
  • The Comfort of Jesus’ Prayers. R.C. Sproul writes “Christ’s priestly work did not end on the cross. Every day, in the presence of the Father, Christ intercedes for His people.”



  • Now That’s a Bad Start to a Round of Golf. On June 13, Russia’s Andrey Pavlov shot a disastrous 17 on the par-five first during his second round at the Diamond Country Club, tying for the second-worst score in European Tour history.


  • Near Vertical Takeoff. Watch this Boeing 787 Dreamliner make a near vertical takeoff.
  • Sherlock. We’ve recently been watching the PBS series Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes (The Imitation Game) and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit trilogy). The series has had three seasons thus far with a fourth in production now. Each episode is 90 minutes, or like watching a movie. The writing is extremely sharp and the acting excellent. Have you watched it?
  • Seinfeld Fed Up with Political Correctness. Did you see comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently on Late Night with Seth Meyers?
  • Slow Jams with Jeb Bush. Did you see former Florida Governor Jeb Bush recently on The Tonight Show?
  • Two James Taylors on a See-Saw. Did you see this recently on The Tonight Show?
Doug Michael’s Cartoon of the Week

Doug Michael’s Cartoon of the Week

Favorite Quotes Favorite Quotes of the Week 6.21.2015


  • Defend the Bible? I’d sooner defend a lion. You don’t defend the Bible; you open its cage and let it roar. Charles Spurgeon
  • Nowhere in the Bible is God described as looking for “great worship”; but he is seeking true worshippers… a people, not a show (John 4). Scotty Smith
  • We don’t go to Scripture for permission to do what we think is best, but for direction to do what He says is best. David Platt
  • Whatever you read, read the Bible first. Beware of bad books: there are plenty in this day. Take heed what you read. J.C. Ryle
  • God does not bestow the Spirit on his people, in order to set aside the use of his word, but rather to render it fruitful. John Calvin


  • You must be made miserable before you can know true Christian joy. Indeed the real trouble with the miserable Christian is that he has never been truly made miserable because of conviction of sin. He has by-passed the essential preliminary to joy, he has been assuming something that he has no right to assume. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  • It was not the volume of sin that sent Christ to the cross; it was the fact of sin. Ravi Zacharias
  • The sinner’s problem with hell is not the absence of God, but the presence of God. R.C. Sproul
  • For unbelievers, at the final judgment, there will not be one drop of mercy, only perfect justice–so much sin, so much wrath. Steven Lawson
  • To expose our minds constantly to ungodly thinking is a great danger. Alistair Begg


  • We are not to be living specimens of men in fine preservation, but living sacrifices, whose lot is to be consumed. Charles Spurgeon
  • When George Müller turned 70, he fulfilled his dream of missionary work for 17 years until he was 87. Got that, boomers? John Piper
  • In preaching, the ultimate crime is to propound falsehood; the penultimate crime is to let the faith seem boring or irrelevant. Dan Doriani
  • Gospel progress happens not when we have pity on the weak but solidarity with the weak. Scott Sauls
  • God is absolutely sovereign, but his sovereignty never mitigates human responsibility. D. A. Carson
  • Everything is necessary that God sends our way; nothing can be necessary that he withholds. John Newton
  • We need to be more concerned about who we are before God than our reputation before people. Francis Chan
  • We run the race not by looking aside, comparing ourselves with other Christians, but by keeping our eyes fixed on Christ at the finish line. Burk Parsons
  • The best way to leave a legacy is to believe, teach, defend, and promote what is true. Kevin DeYoung
  • There is no happiness finally, there is no peace, there is no joy except we be right with God. The miserable Christian is wrong in his ideas as to how this rightness with God is to be obtained. Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones  


  • He makes those just who are unjust, forgives those who deserve to be punished, and favors those who deserve no favor. Charles Spurgeon
  • Jesus, sparrows are fed and fields are clothed, storms are stilled and days are numbered by you. Forgive me for living otherwise. Scotty Smith
  •  The richest treasure God has for you are the people in your life. Give thanks and don’t take them for granted. Kevin DeYoung
  • God enabled me to speak with the demonstration of the Spirit, and with power. George Whitefield
  • Every blessing we receive from God comes through our union with Christ. Union with Christ is greater than everything. Father, thanks for hiding us in Christ. Scotty Smith

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