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Michael Card Weekend Conference and Concert in One Month!

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MC_BI_Poster_NormalIL-page-001Christ Church, PCA in Normal, IL and East White Oak Bible Church are pleased to welcome back singer/songwriter, Bible teacher and author Michael Card for the Biblical Imagination Conference Matthew: The Gospel of Identity on April 25-26 and concert on April 27. The conference will be held at Christ Church and the concert at East White Oak Bible Church.

For over thirty years, Michael Card has endeavored to engage with the text of Scripture, whether through the writing of music, books, or in the context of the conference or classroom. The fruit of this approach is heard in well-known songs like “El Shaddai,” “Immanuel,” and more recently, “Come Lift Up Your Sorrows.” Through the course of releasing over thirty albums, twenty-two books, and performing countless concerts, he has invited listeners and readers to honestly wrestle with the Bible, seeking to grasp the meaning of the text with all their heart and mind.

A graduate of Western Kentucky University, Michael received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biblical Studies. While at WKU, he met Dr. William Lane, who mentored him in an imaginative approach to studying the Bible. Michael went on to receive honorary PhD’s in Music and Christian Education from Whitfield Seminary and Philadelphia Biblical University. Michael lives in Franklin, Tennessee, where, with a group of close friends, he pursues racial reconciliation and neighborhood renewal. He and his wife, Susan, have four children.

The Biblical Imagination Conference is made up of four elements: commentary, music, on-site experience and community discussion.

 Michael writes: “Our approach is to engage the text (the Gospels) at the level of the informed imagination. This method takes seriously the impact of the fall on every dimension of human experience, including the fragmented and fallen way we listen to the Bible. How do we reconnect this rift between the heart and mind that was caused by the fall? As I understand it, only the imagination can bridge the gap. It is the means by which the Spirit begins to undo what was disintegrated by the fall. When we allow our imaginations to be recaptured by the Holy Spirit, the facts we know in our heads come to life in our hearts. This is why the Bible reaches out primarily to our imaginations, for by doing so the heart and mind become reengaged.”

But what does biblical imagination look like, you ask? How do we apply facts in our heads to aches in our hearts? What is missing in our understanding that leads to a more biblical response to the Spirit of God? Join us as we seek to reacquaint, inspire, and shape the Church with the life of Jesus imaginatively seen through the Scriptures.  

 The short promotional video and description of the conference will give you an idea of what to expect at the conference:



Tickets for the conference (which includes the concert) are just $58, and can be purchased at either church or at:

Tickets for the concert only are just $18, and can also be purchased at either church or at:

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please go to the conference site at: or contact Bill Pence at (309) 452-5438 or


Michael Card’s brand new newsletter The Card Community

Below is an excerpt:

The Biblical Imagination Series on the Gospels is almost complete. CDs and books are completed and in distribution on Luke, Mark and Matthew. Currently the John book is being edited by the great folks at Intervarsity Press and I am just finishing up the songs. It has been a long haul and it will be so rewarding to see them all together in a row. By the way, the video series from Israel produced by Day of Discovery is complete and available at our website. The concept with the Biblical Imagination Series is that you can go as deep as you choose to go. If you enjoy the music in light of your study of one of the Gospels, that’s great. But if you want to go deeper you can read the book or watch the video. If you want to go further still you can come to one of our weekend seminars which take place all over the country, indeed in many foreign countries. If you want to take a final step with the BI material you can choose to go to Israel with us in January. 2015. My dream has always been to walk with you as long as you feel called to dig. One of the wonderments of Scripture is that you can invest your lifetime in study and still only scratch the surface. Virtually everything I am doing now comes under the banner of BI. The only exceptions are fund raisers and private concerts.



On Saturday we would like to provide the Conference attendees with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks.   We have lots of needs and hope you can help provide some of these items.Unless otherwise indicated, bring food items to the kitchen at Christ Church no later than 9:00 am on Saturday, April 26.

Here is the link for food and beverages:

Here is the link to volunteer to help with greeting, set up, clean up, etc.:




Author: Bill Pence

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