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What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms The Way You Get Things Done by Matt Perman

What's Best NextWhat’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms The Way You Get Things Done by Matt Perman. Zondervan. 352 pages. 2014.

Matt Perman previously worked at Desiring God Ministries, the ministry of John Piper, who wrote the Foreword to this book. Perman states that this book is about getting things done and making ideas happen with less friction and frustration from a biblical perspective. It was one of my top books of 2014 and I just finished reading it a second time, with a few wonderful friends at work in a faith and work book club.

Perman wants to help us think about productivity as Christians. His aim is to reshape the way we think about productivity and then present a practical approach to help the reader become more effective with less stress and frustration, whatever we are doing. He wants to help us live the life that God has called us to live and live it with maximum effectiveness and meaning. He also wants to help equip us to do good in radical, creative ways – for missions, ending extreme poverty and bringing justice.

He introduces us to the concept of Gospel Driven Productivity (GDP), which looks at not only what the Bible has to say about getting things done, but also learns from the best secular thinking. The essence of GDP is that we are to use all that we have, in all areas of life, for the good of others, to the glory of God.  He states that true productivity is not first about efficiency – doing things right and doing them quickly – but effectiveness – doing the right things.

He uses the DARE Model, which is:

  • Define
  • Architect
  • Reduce
  • Execute

The author includes a lot of helpful resources, including interviews about productivity with leaders such as Albert Mohler, chapter summaries that include the Core Point of the chapter, a key scripture verse, etc.

One of the main reasons that Perman wrote the book was for the reader to see everything we do in a new light so that we can become an agent for good, right where we are, to the glory of God.  And that’s a pretty good reason to read this book.