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Are ALL Types of Work Pleasing to God? 

I have read dozens of books about work from a Christian perspective, and Dan Doriani’s  book Work: Its Purpose, Dignity, and Transformation is the best of them. It is theologically sound, and at times, I found it challenging. The book studies work, but he tells us that it especially aims to promote “good work”.  
What is “good work”? Is all work good, and worthy for the believer to participate in? As we will see, the answer to that is no. For example, in the book, Doriani states that mindless work crushes the soul. He tells us that too much Christian instruction on work urges disciples to be faithful in the work assigned to them, but not enough people consider, “Should we be doing this work?” 
Along this same line, on his program The Briefing, Albert Mohler talked about professions (law, engineering, medicine), that believers and their children may not be able to be a part of in the future. Specifically, he asked how long Christians can genuinely hold to Christian convictions and stay in the medical field. You can listen to that discussion here  Continue reading